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Topics: Learning styles, Educational psychology, Education Pages: 10 (3253 words) Published: April 13, 2015
1.1, it is important to continually improving my knowledge and practice to keep updated and to improve on my ever changing demands of my care sector and the service users. Any changes that are made it’s my responsibility for implementing changes to my workplace. I keep all staff updated to any changes and the reason for the changes and put it in place for them to be trained to help to keep improving their knowledge which benefits the workplace. If I needed make any changes to my polices and procedures I would make the changes and explain changes to staff but also make sure they were regular updated with all the polices and producers. I.e. I would regular give staff a quiz on policies and procedures to see if they know there polices and procedures and the reason they put in place. Reflective practice is a huge part of my professional development and i need to be skilful in this to really benefit from it, criticising my own practice isn’t always easy but if i take a step back and look at it from different points of view it can really benefit myself and my skills. To improve my own knowledge is very important to me and I really enjoy learning new skills which can benefit my roles or future roles. In doing this I feel I am progressing in my career, keeping myself desirable to other employers and maximising my potential to do well within my career. Therefore if I continue to develop professionally and improve my knowledge resulting in me improving my practice I will: :•Become a positive role model to other staff

•Be confident in my own abilities and future employment
•Lead and influence staff positively with the correct information and highest of standards. •Recognise opportunity for further career to movement
I have a responsibility to engage in continuous professional development. This means taking action to keep my skills and knowledge up to date and seeking to improve my capabilities across the range of tasks I carry out daily. Continually improving my knowledge is essential to my role and ensures that I have the skills and knowledge needed to create the best for the organisation that I work for. I need to be aware of the most up to date legislations and guidelines, and the welfare requirements. As a member of management it is even more vital that I am aware and up to date with the above, as part of my role is to guide, support and influence other staff to do well in their own roles. my own professional development does not only impact on myself but other staff, the organisation and people who use the service.

1.2,In order for me to progress within my professional development, I should consider any potential barriers. Once these barriers have been identified I should look at these barriers as challenges to overcome and not problems which may remain unsolved. I consider barriers as a stepping stone to improving my skills and knowledge. Potential barriers to professional development:

In the perfect world for myself and every member of staff to attend new and refresher courses would be an accomplishment in itself. Unfortunately there will be barriers to cross. PERSONAL BARRIERS could be in the form of: Intellectual limitations: We all have different learning styles. Some may have no problem sitting in a class in front of a teacher taking notes or seeing visuals. While others will learn better being more practical, I myself will learn better being more hands on. Show me how to do something and I will be able to do it. However put me in a class room and I find it more difficult to learn. I have tried to overcome this classroom issue by teaching myself not to make lengthy notes on everything that I hear. What I now do is make short notes. Language barriers could play a big part in a member of staff understanding what they are hearing and reading. Should this happen i encourage this member of staff to get extra help from us and Early Years Foundation Stage advisor. English for speakers of other languages or for...
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