Promote Children's Positive Behaviour

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TDA 3.4 Promote children and young people’s positive behaviour

A. A summery of the policies and procedures of the school, relevant to promoting children and young people’s positive behaviour.

Behaviour policy

Our behaviour policy begins with a quote from the Elton report – “Discipline in Schools 1989”

“Reducing bad behaviour is a realistic aim, eliminating it completely is not”


• To develop a school behaviour policy supported by the whole school community with shared values.

• To apply positive policies to create a caring, family atmosphere, so teaching and learning can take place in a safe and happy environment.

• To teach through the school curriculum, values and attitudes, which promote responsible behaviour, self discipline and self-confidence.

• To encourage children to respect themselves, others and property

• To encourage good behaviour through positive reinforcement, by means of rewards for children of all ages and abilities

• To make clear to children the difference between minor and more serious behaviour

• To treat problems as they occur in a fair, caring and sympathetic manner in the hope of achieving an improvement in behaviour

• To encourage children to develop a responsible attitude, helping them to become independent and capable of acting sensibly using their own initiative

• To encourage children to be polite and considerate

Code of conduct

• All members of the school community are asked to respect each other

• All children must be aware of the need to consider their own safety and that of others

• Children need to adapt their behaviour to suit the type of activity e.g. during classroom discussions children need to listen to others and take turns speaking during sports activities children need to be taught to respect the apparatus

• All children are expected to respect their teachers, other adults and fellow pupils

• All children are expected to respect their own and other peoples property and to take care of books and equipment

• Children are asked to be well-behaved, well-mannered and attentive

• Children should walk quietly around the school

• If a child has a grievance against another child it must be reported to a member of staff who will deal with the matter

• Physical violence is not acceptable

• Foul or abusive language is not acceptable

• Children are expected to be punctual

• Children must not bring sharp or dangerous items into school

This code of conduct has been formulated with the safety and well-being of the children in mind, and to enable the school to function efficiently as a place of learning.

Rewards and sanctions

A major aim of the school policy is to encourage children to practice good behaviour by operating a system of praise and reward. Children’s achievements and positive contributions will be recognised by:

• The awarding of badges

• Certificates for individual achievements

• TOPS awards for key stage 2

• Praise and acknowledgement by celebrating achievements with other teachers and their classes

• In school assemblies children are encouraged to share achievements

• Class teachers give verbal and written praise whenever possible

• Use of sunshine or cloud dependent on behaviour

• Miss minutes of playtime

• Sent to head teacher

• Comments to parents

• Exclusion

Most children respond to this positive approach where their efforts are seen to be valued and make considerable efforts to improve their work and where necessary their behaviour.

Dealing with conflict and inappropriate behaviour

While the school does aim to encourage positive behaviour, sanctions for unacceptable behaviour are necessary. Where sanctions are put in place the school will aim to be clear about them, what they are, how long they will last,...
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