Prologue to Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

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Prologue to Scarlet Letter

Hester was walking along streets in Britain and decided to go to the library. There she saw a man who was studying vigorously with several books stacked besides him. It looked to her that the man was very intelligent and most likely very wealthy. She decided to approach him. “Hello, how are you doing this fine day?” She asked.

“Quite well indeed, thank you.” He replied.
“Would you care to join me tonight for a dinner?” She asked. “That sounds splendid, I would love to join you this evening.” He answered.
Later that evening they both met up and dined at a magnificent restaurant. It was a high-quality restaurant with expensive food and the man paid for it all. This satisfied Hester because she found a man who she could get money from to relieve her of her financial crisis. It was sort of an awkward dinner because there was not much talking going on. “So, my name is Hester, what is your name?” She asked.

“I go by the name of Bill.” He answered.
Hester realized that she would be safe with this man if she were able to marry him. He was a wealthy, and a very intelligent man. Although there was no real love connection she felt to him, she liked living in luxury better.

Later that month, the two married because of Hester pursuing him so much. After they had gotten married, Bill asked Hester to come talk with her. “Hester, I believe it will be better if we both move to Boston. I will send you off there at first and as soon as I am done studying and finalizing some matters here I will take my leave and meet you there as soon as I can.” “Okay.” She responded.

Hester had gone all the way to Boston alone and for several nights she was feeling very lonely. One day she came across a man who seemed very noble and attracting. They both smiled at each other and the man came towards her. “Hello, my name is Arthur, pleasure to meet you.” Arthur said. “Hello to you as well, my name is Hester.” She replied.

“Would you care to join me tonight...
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