Projects: Customer Relationship Management and Customers

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Mrs. Riya Sharma Rishi Gupta

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This is to certify that the project on “EFFECTIVENESS OF CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME IN STATE BANK OF INDIA” carried out by Rishi Gupta S/o Sh. Manmohan Lal, under my guidance is an original research work and has not been published or conducted before. It is based on primary data and due care has been taken to ensure that all the sources of secondary data and references, either from published or unpublished literature or from internet have been duly acknowledged.

Lect ………………… (Faculty Maharaja Agrasen Institute of technology )


I offer my sincerest thanks and express my deep gratitude to Mrs.Riya Sharma, my project guide for her immense help and guidance. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. N.K. Kakkar and all the other staff of institute for their continuous help in providing detailed information & guidance whenever needed, in project. Last but not least; I would like to thank all my friends for their continuous help whenever I was needed in project.

Rishi Gupta
Roll no 0471483906


1. Executive Summary 
2. Objective of study
3. Research Methodology
4. Introduction to CRM
5. Data presentation, analysis and interpretation
6. Findings
7. SWOT analysis
8. Conclusion
9. Recommendations
10. Limitations
11. Bibliography
12. Appendix



This project is to know about the effectiveness of customer relationship management in STATE BANK OF INDIA. Today Consumers largely selected their banks based on how convenient the location of bank's branches was to their homes or offices. With the advent of new technologies in the business of bank, such as Internet Banking and ATMs, now customers can freely chose any bank for their transactions. The pressures of competitive and dynamic markets have contributed to the growth of CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (CRM) in the Financial Services Sector. Here I have done survey in Delhi to know how today largest bank of India is catering the different need of the customers. Banks have abandoned traditional method of serving the customers. They are using newly method of fulfilling the need of the customers. They are giving emphasizes on maintaining the customer relation as product of all the banks are the same and in order to differentiate from others, they are targeting the customer by fulfilling their individual needs. These branches are providing every type of the facility to its customers like accounts, loans, mutual funds, insurance etc… This project is based on the data collected by the personal interview, questionnaire method and other secondary sources, mostly and covered customer of all age group and I have covered 100 respondents, who have their accounts in banks which include students, businessmen and employees. From analysis of this project I have concluded that most of the customers are satisfied from the dealings, products, services, and the facilities provided by the bank. And the SBI Bank is holding a strong customer base in DEHLI city despite of the presence of other so many private and public banks.

The bank is providing all the competitive products and services to the customers suit to their...
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