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University Library Borrowing system
CIS 3300 Systems Analysis Summer 2008

Team 1
Mubarak Pasha – Other group member not named due to privacy rights

Cover Page Table of Contents
1. Vision Document 1.1 Introduction 1.1.1 Purpose 1.1.2 Scope 1.1.3 Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviation 1.1.4 Overview Positioning 1.2.1 Business Opportunity 1.2.2 Problem Statement 1.2.3 Product Position Statement Stakeholder and User Descriptions/ User Summary 1.3.1 Key User Needs Product Overview 1.4.1 Product perspective 1.4.2 Product functions 1.4.3 Assumptions and dependencies 1.4.4 Summary of Capabilities Product Features 1.5.1 Features 1.5.2 Applicable Standards 1.5.3 System Requirements 1.5.4 Performance Requirements 1.5.5 Environmental Requirements

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1.3 1.4



Use-Case 2.1 Use-Case Diagram


System Sequence and Communication Diagrams 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7 Use Case: Shelving Use Case: Overdue Reminder Use Case: Maintain Database Use Case: Checkout Use Case: Impose Fines Use Case: Pay Fines Use Case: Query/Login


Class Model 4.1 Class Model Diagram


State Diagrams 5.1 5.2 Checkout Pay Fine

1. Vision Document 1.1 Introduction
 A University has a library system where student, faculty/staff, and guests may check out book and various media. The university desires a system that will efficiently manage the process of transactions of the library’s patrons.

1.1.1 Purpose
 To assess, create, design, and implement a system that will effectively manage the transactions of the library.

1.1.2 Scope
 To have an automated system that will more efficiently manage the daily transactions of students, faculty/staff, library staff, manager, and guests. Description General term for a person who attends the university General Term for someone employed by the university General Term for someone outside of the university General Term for a Database that runs the library system The database that contains student information The database that contains information about the employees Term for the individual in charge of maintaining library database Term use for individuals attending to the daily activities Occurrence Each Student has a unique Student ID Each Faculty/Staff has a unique Employee ID Each Guest has a unique Library ID The Library Database handles all library transactions The Student Database verifies Student ID login. The Faculty/Staff Database verifies Employee ID login. Each Manager maintains the Library Database Each Library Staff member daily transactions. Acronyms/ Abbreviations N/A

1.1.3 Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviation
Actor Name



Teacher, Professor, Alumni


DB = Database

Library Database

DB = Database DB = Database

Student Database Faculty/Staff Database



Library Employee

Library Staff

1.1.4 Overview
 The subsequent sections of this document will contain information regarding the Positioning and roles of each user as well as the summary of the product overview.

1.2 Positioning
1.2.1 Business Opportunity
 The business opportunity being met by this project is to develop a successful software system that will meet the demands and daily activities of the library.

1.2.2 Problem Statement
The problem of affects the impact of which is a successful solution would be     Records of library transactions All users of the library Inefficiency and inability to track records Implement our successful software solution that will be able to efficiently regulate transactions and maintain record keeping.

1.2.3 Product Position Statement
For Who The (product name) That Unlike Our product       Library Stakeholders Need to efficiently track records and regulate transactions University Library Borrowing System Increase efficiency, user friendly, and...
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