Project Unit 1 Multi Layered Security Plan

Topics: File system, Unified threat management, Configuration management Pages: 3 (748 words) Published: August 28, 2013
The Multi-Layered Security Plan for Richman Investments are as follows. 1.All laptops and desktops should be running Windows 7. Windows XP will not be supported after May 2014. Also, they should be running some type of Anti-Virus software and laptops should be encrypted in case of the laptop being stolen. (Dell, 2011) 2.Patching the servers, desktops and laptops often. Most software applications have updates to their software for security updates. Microsoft sends out patches every second Tuesday of the month and should be tested on all platforms before sending out to the end users. Antivirus, local firewall and similar applications work to bar exploits and infections. Biometric and two-factor access security help prevent exposure of data. And file-based encryption keeps key information safe, even if it leaves the enterprise net and gets copied to portable media. (Dell, 2011) 3.Hardening servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices through their configuration by turning off unused services. Constraining remote access and other convenience features; setting administrator and user identities; defining execution policy for required applications. Configuration management software keeps track of device, OS, application, and interrogates and applies appropriate configurations over the network, and can often be used to remotely commandeer stolen or otherwise exposed devices. (Dell, 2011) 4.Virtualize the browser so that the end users surf from the inside. Letting users manage their own browser can lead to trouble because they can download toolbars, plugins, etc. Which can have malware attached or leave them open to an attack. and to turning on features like password caching, forms-filling and history that can make a stolen PC a gateway to enterprise applications, mail and data. The answer to this is; now supported by some security-oriented edge network devices -- can be to supply users with a virtualized instance of a filtered standard browser. This...

References: Dell. (2011). 10 ways to implement multi-layered security. Retrieved from
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