Project Triple Constraint

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Project’s Triple Constraint

According to Project Management Knowledge (2009), " Project Management is the act of organizing resources such as scope, time and cost to bring about a desired result Insert the quotation” (Triple Constraint, para. 1). The triple constraint can be viewed as the balance of the projects timing, budget, and project specifications. Dempster’s triangle is another term used for triple constraint. According to the Project Management Knowledge (2009) website the project manager manages the project and the scope of the project, timing, and budget means either the sides or corners of the project represent this. Triple constraint measure the projects objectives and makes sure these are being met. Because the Decker’s will be the project manager for this project following the budget, to keep the scope and time as planned is vital for the successful completion of this project.

In the planning phase of a project, the Decker’s have defined the budget, timing, and scope. Once the project has begun and continues some changes may need to take place or adjustments may need to be made to one of the triple constraints. If this does happen then other factors will be affected by the triple constraint. The Decker’s will want to make sure to review all changes since the other two constraints will be affected should one constraint need to be changed. If the budget of the Decker’s project increases, the timing and scope will also increase. The same will happen if the budget decreases, because the timing and scope will decrease as well. This is important for the Decker’s to keep an eye and respond to the risks involved to prevent the project from failing or have other issues which can affect the project in negative or positive ways, like not meeting the time line or running out of money to complete the project.
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