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Topics: Marketing, Bank, Management Pages: 31 (4473 words) Published: October 5, 2010

1. Product strategies of private life insurance companies F/ M

2. A study on "why companies should go for outsourcing" M

3. Effectiveness of advertising on real estate sector M

4. Study on consumer expectations and perceptions towards consumer loans M

5. Workers attrition rate at hotel industry is increasing. Study regarding this issue H

6. Attrition rates at different sectors H

7. Effectiveness and scope of employee referrals in the process of talent sourcing H

8. Study of training needs across different industries H

9. Study on creation of luxury brand M

10. Strategies used to build successful Internet based customer services M

11. Measuring the effectiveness of retail banking of a nationalized bank compared to a MNC F

12. Conspicuous consumption M

13. Study of awareness and acceptibility of UPVC windows and door systems M

14. Opportunities of Fancing the NANO's F

15. Changing trends in FMCG industry in India M

16. A study of best H practices in service industry H

17. Fundamental analysis of Indian telecom companies M

18. Study of consumer behaviour in automobile industry M

19. customer buying behaviour towards insurance products F/ M

20. Promotion strategies followed in Insurance sector F / M

21. Study on changing consumer preference towards organised retailing from un-organised retailing M

22. study on "impact of advertising in B2B marketing" M

23. Distribution network & general insurance industry F / M

24. A study on distribution channels in aluminium industry M

25. Study on strategies for promoting retailers' brands M

26. Study of operations & marketing of chemical goods in SSI M

27. The impact of tax on electronic goods & products (industrial marketing) M

28. Merchandising key account management in apparel exports M

29. Effect of marketing in mobilization in BPO segment M

30. Marketing in FMCG sector M

31. E-marketing of Fancial services: Relationship approach F / M

32. Understanding cross cultural literacy in international business M

33. The study of operations & marketing of Indian Pharmaceutical industry M

34. impact of promotional activities at mall on consumers behaviour at shopping malls M

35. A study on Indian pharmaceutical industry M

36. Managing of luxury brands M

37. Viability of Micro Insurance in Indian scenario F

38. Performance evaluation of initial public offers in India F

39. Process of underwriting and valuation of life insurance F

40. Risk management in foreign exchange F

41. Asset liabilities management in Indian banks F

42. Portfolio construction using fundamental analysis F

43. Portfolio management and how it has helped increase effective investment F

44. Investment banking (Fin) (retail banking in India) F

45. Risk management in Indian banks F

46. A comparative analysis towards restructuring of the shared services unit of EMC2 M

47. ERP implementation strategies (systems) M

48. Measurement of Fancial efficiency F

49. Fundamental analysis of Fancial sector F

50. Fundamental analysis of insurance sector F

51. Study on human resource costing H

52. Asset liability management of life insurance companies F

53. Basel – II F

54. Recruitments H

55. analysis of attrition in IT and ITES sector M

56. Work-life balance in IT sector H

57. Incidence of illegitimate power & its impact on effectiveness of odd initiatives M

58. Implementation & effectiveness of competence management H

59. people issues in mergers and acquisitions M

60. performance management H

61. Best practices in the field of HR H

62. Study of the online music industry, w.r.t. marketing in the Indian context M

63. Future and business potential of gaming industry in India M

64. Job design model of motivation H

65. Role of emotional satisfaction in service encounters - retail sector H

66. Study on factors influencing...
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