Project Title: Supermarket Saver

Topics: Grocery store, Supermarket, Safeway Inc. Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: August 15, 2011
Project Proposal

Team Members:
Primary contact: Wei-Chi (Diana) Chen, email: Christopher Chang, email:
Arthur Soroken, email:
Christine Garcia:
In today's fast-paced economy, where 24-hour service is an essential commodity, the technology explosion and the global marketplace have fueled a frenetic work place in which the recognition of the stay-at- home 'mom' is a luxury too few of families can afford. Time is of the essence, a rare need that is spread thin between work, play and family. That's why our project focuses on a product that will be embraced by the time-savvy and the price-aware consumer. We call it the 'Supermarket Saver'. With little time to shop and little time to compare prices at different local grocery stores, consumers will be able to push a button on their PDA, or device of choice, and download a price comparison list of products they initially listed on the device. Armed with this information, they’ll be able to choose which supermarket is right for them. Motivations and Challenges:

The amount of supermarkets to choose from can be daunting. Location is not the only factor. Once there, consumers must wade through a myriad of products, brands, and prices, hoping that the product they need will be in stock. A lot of time is wasted. The importance of this problem can not be trivialized. Right now, supermarkets post their specials/sales on flyers and on websites. Our device takes it one step further. The PDA queries a database and matches their grocery list to items in participating stores. They’ll know where to go and what stores offer the best prices. This saves the consumer much needed time and gives participating supermarkets an edge over the competition.

During our research, we found a similar project being developed at Georgia Tech called iShop. Their prototype device is a PDA which displays a map of the supermarket and the fastest route to...
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