Project Termination

Topics: Project management, Construction, Management Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: May 7, 2009
When a project concludes theres a decision that has to be made in terms of project evaluation. This day is inevitable, and its called judgment day. This is when the project performance needs to be evaluated. Project managers have to remember that the purpose of every post project evaluation is to give input for future projects, to improve project management in the future. The project manager needs to review the project evaluation, with stakeholders, the project measures against the triple constraints. The triple constraints are time, budget, and the project specifications. When looking at these constraints , the most important thing is to compare them and find out what went wrong with the project and how it can be improved. In just abouts all projects, within business, team are always required. There a lot to be learned in this type of setting, especially reviewing the teams performance. If one can optimize a teams performance, then they can optimize future project performance. When the project evaluation is presented to the sponsor, it is reviewed and the sponsor will give their feedback. This review can be a presentation, report, or even an oral discussion. It whatever the sponsor wants. In the case of PWS, all of the constraints were manage correctly, and the project came in at target and on time. The BDP builders wanted a written project report explaining the ins and outs of the project. Processes implemented by this project required some decisions to be made. The rational for these decisions will provide a better understanding of the process making the future operation of the process more effective. This report will also provide a techniques for improved future projects. Team building, motivating, monitoring, controlling and rewarding methods are all the methods that we used in this project. It is important to document these techniques for future projects.
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