Project Requirements and Analysis

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June 2, 2007
Jonesville Library
Board of Directors
310 Church St.
Jonesville, MI 49250
Dear Trusted members of the Board:
Infinity Computers is pleased that you have chosen our firm to conduct and implement your system upgrading. We would like to take this opportunity to expand further on our previous Feasibility Study by providing you with our System Requirements and Project Analysis documentation. The information contained in this document is delineated below. Also included in this portion is the updated miscellaneous hardware section. This revision has also increased the price by a nominal amount but feel that this small increase in pricing will help further secure your network from unwanted parties. We have also contacted RAAK Technologies for securing smart card production and quotes. •A description of the resources required for the project and how they will be utilized •A visual representation of the system including its constituent components •A discussion of the analysis performed and the conclusions reached •A summary of the system requirements for the project, including cost estimates Infinity Computer Systems believes that once you understand then need for upgrading and expansion, your desires for growth potential will meet and exceed all expectations. Sincerely,

Robert E Daffern
Director of Operations and Lead Consultant

PHONE: 252-474-6504 • FAX: [FAX NUMBER]

Robert E Daffern
ITP457-0604B-01 Software Engineering
Unit 2 Individual Project: Project Requirements and Analysis Saturday, October 14, 2006


Given the desire Jonesville Library has shown in upgrading to the future of technology, Infinity Computer Systems has formulated a Systems Requirement document for your review. In this section we will break down the roles that each hardware member will play in your system and explain the process by which will work.


The future of your library will consist of a Dell Power Edge 2950 server connecting all workstations into a LAN for file, printing and internet sharing. This server will serve as the backbone to your infrastructure allowing your employee's to manage and delineate tasks. Your network will be divided into 3 phases, 1st phase consisting of a VPN labeled JonesvilleLib.EmployeeDomain network for employee functions. The 2nd phase JonesvilleLib.MemberDomain will control card catalogs, internet access right and usage limitations, and log tracking of typical library services, i.e. books, DVD's, video and audio tapes checked out. Finally the 3rd phase JonesvilleLib.SecurityDomain will control and monitor any and all security options that your organization currently has in place and/or plans on upgrading to in the near future. The intended purpose of this domain is to monitor building alarms, camera control and recording and member and user authentication.

Phase 1 (JonesvilleLib.EmployeeDomain) will consist of 5 Dell Precision Workstation 490 Desktop - 64bit workstations smart card enabled and embedded with our managerial version of your business class software suite. This version of the software will control the issue and de-issue of library resources, i.e. internet assigning, book, DVD, video and Audio tapes. This will be a GUI menu based logged system. The employee will log onto the system via smart card access, granting them access to employee functions.

Phase 2 (JonesvilleLib.MemberDomain) will consist of 8 Dell Precision Workstation 490 Desktop - 64bit workstations smart card enabled and embedded with our member only version of your business class software suite, for Internet access and special programs offered by your organization. This version of the software will consist of a GUI Menu based logged system. The intended purpose of this suite is to control the member usage of internet...
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