Project Report on Brick Manufacturing Business

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Hafiz Mustansar javaid (G.L)S2F12MCOMOO16
Ali Raza S2F12MCOMOO57


I and my member very pleased that we are given an exceptional opportunity to work as a team in order to prepare a report on given instructions regarding this project. So, therefore, I have selected BRICK manufacturing business Further I want to thanks my teacher who proved me every kind of assistance throughout preparing this project.

Special thanks to:

Sir Farukh Hameed

Who have given me the important suggestions about how to behave during the project, what we have to gain and what we have to achieve throughout the story. Furthermore, we got mind-blowing experienced while preparing this project that is as follows: * How to do research

* How to make hypothesis
* How to collect required information
* How to get tools for interpretation
* How to apply these tools
* Last but not least how to draw Conclusion


* CBC is the best Bricks producing base in Sheikhupura. This company founded by Hafiz Mustansar Javaid. * This site containing 2 Bricks manufacturing Bhattha, HIRAN MINAR road S.K.P

* CFF products are prepared using the most current state of the art Brick Manufacturing equipment to ensure Quality and Safety. It also provides the faculty of online orders and home delivery system.

* In current period it has increase its sales volume over 30%. That is not only limited to local area but also to Lahore as well as Faisalabad. * CBC has its total investment Rs. 15 million
* CBC started its business with a small amount in partnership. Know having two bhattha

Mission Statement
(“Our mission is to lead Brick Industry industry without sacrificing quality ”)

Philosophy of CBC
Quality, Cleaning, Service and Values. CFF is not sacrificing the quality for values. Like its quality its slogan also very attractive that create effective impression not only my competitors but also on my own clients

* Establish dealer’s network all over Pakistan to ensure the availability of our bricks * To completely satisfy the customers.
* Manufactures farm equipment and other engineering goods that conform to the specified standards to enhance farm mechanization for achieving self-sufficiency in against constructions. * Ensure customer satisfaction by providing quality products at competitive prices with the warranty coverage Plan and feasibility report

* Have you got an idea for a current project assigned?
* Have you explored all the possibilities?
* Do you know if it is feasible to design, manufacture, and market. * What is the competition doing?
* How to build it in the most efficient way?
What are the financial resources needed in order to launch the product? * What are my human resources requirements?
How can I market the product and who are my potential customers. AS the project manager I have taken the responsibility the whole project. And presenting the full plan process regarding the CBC products relating to project is assigned. These are bricks and tiles. For the completion of this project I have integrate all the resources for this project. I have make the wonderful design of both products. That will help basic customer satisfaction. And the quality will be best to create customer loyalty. I have set out the price for brick is Rs. 5.57 and for tile 6.25 such price will be able to compete our fixed and variable cost at 50600 units for tile and 188468 for tile. And after that with the increasing the 50% more units with he same selling price we can earn handsome profit. We can lead our both product in the way of success in the initial stage.

Allocation of Fixed Cost and Variable cost
Although there is some kind of little...
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