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Topics: Outlook, Weekly magazines, Sales Pages: 26 (7394 words) Published: August 28, 2013

Behind every achievement lies an unfathomable sea of gratitude to those who have extended their support and without whom it would ever have come into existence. To them i say my words of gratitude. First of all I would like to thanks Mr. Himanshu Pandey, National Head: Sales and Promotion for giving me this opportunity to undergo Summer Training at Outlook Publishing India Pvt. Ltd. I would also thankful to him for his constant encouragement and valuable insight, guidance and facilities at all phases of the project. I would also like to acknowledge the support and guidance of Mr. Bhaskar Sharma, Assistant Manager, Outlook Publishing India Pvt. Ltd. and my team leader, without his help and encouragement it would have been practically impossible to complete this project.He also encourage me to do the hard core selling.


The Project “ONLINE MARKETING” is an attempt to find out how the employees of outlook done the online marketing through email and telephone.It is also an attempt to find out what are the actual perceptions of customer towards the Outlook Magazine and how they compare the Outlook Magazine with other Magazines. Let’s understand the meaning of the project title,"online marketing" or marketing through telephones and emails. Moreover, this project also covers some of the important facts of Outlook magazine. The project covers the issue like how employees of outlook convience there clients and make a also covers some other issue like, how many people prefer magazine over the internet usage, how many people like the content, articles and advertisement of the magazine. Magazines industry is going a long way in developing, formulating and implementing promotional strategies to cope up with the tough competition. Strategies are formulated not only keep up with cut throat competition but also to meet the highly volatile consumer preferences. The analysis revealed that most of the customers were motivated by the gifts provided by the subscriptions rather than the price reduction. Thus it brought out that gifts play a key role in the success of promotional schemes. The market survey was conducted to confirm the facts revealed by the sales data analysis vindicated that the speculations were true since most respondents agreed to that they were motivated by the gifts, especially by the brand value and utility of it It has been found that though Outlook is strong in some of the augmented product attributes like Promotional Schemes and Overall Presentation; it needs to improve the core product attributes like Quality of content, Coverage and on time delivery. Hence from the findings of the market survey and by different analysis performed effective strategies has been formulated and proposed which might be useful in devising the future strategies for Outlook.


Industry Profile 07-12
Company Profile 13-26
Print Media and Product Description 12-20

Outlook Online and Outlook Staff 21-23


Amount of Work Done
(3.1)Theoretical Concepts 27-28 (3.2) Sales Process...
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