Project Prosal Paper

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Project Proposal Paper: Building a Garage
Background and Statement of Need
This garage project will be for the Smith family of West Virginia. They are a family of four, two adults and two small children. They have two cars and live in a ranch style home. This home has limited attic space and no basement. They are looking for more storage space and somewhere to keep their vehicles out of unfavorable weather. When they bought the home a garage was not an issue because only Mr. Smith worked at the time. But with the economic times Mrs. Smith has had to return to the workforce. Mr. Smith does not want to have himself or his wife take two small children out and expose them to the elements when they have to go out. The family has looked into constructing a carport but that will not meet all their needs. The benefits from adding a two car garage would give the family the added storage space they desire. Another benefit is that Mr. Smith would not have to worry about his wife or himself having to take the small children out to the car in unfavorable weather. This would also give Mr. Smith a place to do small projects that he would not be able to accomplish because of having to do them outside when weather permitted. This is why the family has decided to commission the building of a garage. Project Stakeholders

The project stakeholders are Mr. and Mrs. Smith and their two children. The two car garage project will be a huge investment for the entire family. The final project will be used by all the family members for storage space, completing small projects and protection from the weather. Building the two car garage will also increase the property value. The bank that finances the project will also be a stakeholder. The financial institute will become a stakeholder because they finance the project and are at risk. Project goals in terms of triple constraint

The triple constraint process is a good way in measuring the success of the project. Mr. Smith will be overseeing all aspects of construction since this is a large investment for the family. The result is very important to them. The time constraint must be watched closely all tasks must fit within the four month period. This four month period has included any delays due to weather or supply issues. This project must be completed on time due to the summer season nearing the end and the nice weather will soon be gone. The cost constraint is important because Mr. Smith does not want to under-figure the project and be left with an unfinished garage. They would like a 24’ by 24’ garage with electric. The electric is an important feature because they would also like a garage door opener installed and a well lit area to travel through. The family would also like a concrete floor with grey sealer paint to preserve the floor and make for easier clean up. The walls will need to have dry wall on them so the small children do not get into any of the wiring and they would also like to hang shelving on them. The garage will need to have a side door leading into the house or this will defeat the purpose of building the garage to keep their family from being exposed to the elements. To make this project happen the Smith’s will have to adjust their budget to accommodate paying for the new garage. Even though they are on a budget they do not want to cut corners on this project they want a quality product when finished. The performance constraint must be watched closely also. Mr. Smith must ensure he has picked the proper project team. Picking the proper team is vital for the project to get finished.

The project for a two car garage which will be 24’ by 24’ for Mr. Smith’s family will take at least four months to build this estimate includes bad weather. Mr. Smith’s family has a contractor building the garage. Mr. Smith will consider how big his family wants the garage and the first step to building a custom garage is to decide what plan to do. The key in this conclusion is how big...
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