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Proposed Projects/Activities for Rotary Year 2010 - 2011

I) Club Service Project Proposals: 1) To achieve a net gain of at least one member between 1 July 2010 and 1 January 2011. (5) 2) To adopt and use a valid membership recruitment plan, such as the Five for One plan. (5) 3) To develop & use an effective membership retention plan, such as the Star program for the mentoring of new members. 4) To establish a written three-year plan for the club, which will actively involve the current club president, club president-elect, and club president-nominee, with the development and statement of three-year goals for each Avenue of Service and targets for club membership to support the new goals. (10) 5) To sponsor a new Rotary club. (5)

6) To have regular meetings consistently marked by both great fellowship and stimulating programs. (5) Club Recognitions 2010-2011:
(These will be observed by the club administration committee) a) 100% attendance in meetings and projects activities (monthly, quarterly and annual) b) The most energetic/active member for the month

c) The brainchild of approved projects
d) Early birds’ incentive in all activities
Other proposals which may improve club members:
1) To wear rotary uniforms/pins every meeting.
2) To propose that members who are not present in every hosted occasion/affair/activities such as induction, governor’s ball, trainings and seminars will compulsorily contribute half of the amount of the agreed contribution. 3) To propose that members who are not present in a project implementation /realization will pay 120% of the agreed contribution. 4) To have fine moments as part of discipline and fund raising. (To be observed by the Sgt at Arms and to be collected by the fund raising or finance committee chair/treasurer. Fine moments during the meeting for the following:

A) Noisy member
B) Making business while meeting is going on C) Cellular phone ringing
D) Late comer/absent
5) To assign Sgt at Arms to act as the commission on elections during elections & time of dividing the house because of conflicting ideas of two or more members.(This proposal was approved June 4, 2010 at the clubs weekly meeting in Balanghai Hotel with Jowena Jan Hiponia as presiding officer) 7) Send regularly a weekly newsletter to all club members. (5) 8) To develop and maintain a club Website on the Internet outlining its membership, programs, projects, and achievements. (5) 9) To provide financial assistance to the club’s president-elect for her attendance at PETS. (5)

II) Vocational Service Project Proposals: 1) To sponsor an effective Four-Way Test essay or speech competition for young people. (5) 2) To have the club members involve actively in providing career information for local school students. (5) 3) To devote four or more club meetings to vocational service topics. (10) 4) To utilize classification talks by club members for at least three club meeting program. (5) 5) To recognize the importance of high ethical standards and public values by giving an award to honor an individual who exemplifies such traits. (5) 6) To recognize the importance of high ethical standards and public values by giving an award to honor a business or other organization that actively promotes such traits. (5) 7) To develop and initiate a new vocational service project. (5) This new project can be candle/wax/soap-making with a brief lecture in Entrepreneurship and/or other vocational service which will uplift the economic status of the people in a certain community. Included in the adopt a village. 8) To routinely provide a copy of The Four-Way Test and the Declaration of Rotarians in Businesses and Professions to all new club members as they...
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