Project Proposal for Leave Management System

Topics: Cost-benefit analysis, Cost, Welfare economics Pages: 9 (1995 words) Published: June 8, 2013
4CS (Pvt) Ltd.

Prasanthi Kottepola
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1.1 Purpose………………………………………… 1 1.2 Background of the project…………………………………………………1 1.3 Scope of the project……………………………………… 1 1.4 Functional components of the project

2.1 comparisons among alternative solutions.1
2.2 Cost analysis 1

2.1 Solution generated……………1
3.0 Information Systems Requirements1
5.0 Recommendations1
6.0 Appendixes 1

1.1 Purpose
The purpose of this report is to give a brief system overview. In addition it includes the feasibility analysis to determine whether the proposed system is practical. Some of the elements in this process are; 1. Research the system problems and document the system requirements 2. Identify all of the alternative solutions available

3. Review each solution to determine its feasibility
4. List any risks and issues with each solution and choose a preferred solution for implementation 5. Document the results in a feasibility report

1.2 Background of the project
Organization: 4CS (Pvt) Ltd
Proposed title of the project: Web Based Leave Management System Client: Shashindra Bandara
4CS (Pvt) Ltd
Users of the system:
(i) Shashindra BandaraCEO
(ii) B.Perera Assistant General Manager
(iii) S.WijeweeraHuman Resources manager
(iv) D.BandaraAssistant Manager – Administration
(v) R.GamageAccountant
(iv) EmployeesPermanent, Probationary & Trainees

Company Background
The leading web designing company in Sri Lanka, 4CS was founded in 2000 and has delivered innovative web designs to over 150 corporate and institutional clients across 5 countries. As the premier service provider for web design Sri Lanka has to offer, they specialize in a range of services, including web design, software development and eCommerce solutions. Currently 3CS has 50 staff working in different projects under one HR manager. The office located in Kalubowola Sri lanka. Currently the company has a paper based manual system to track the leave records and approve leaves. The project is basically associated with the personal information and leave details of the employees.

The employees are mainly apportioned in to three groups. They are • Permanent
• Probationary
• Trainees
The current system has used the finger print machine to mark the daily attendance of the employees. HR manager use the details of finger print machine to record the arrival time and leave time of the employee. Finger print machine details can only be accessed top management. After that they generate a report to handover to users. The users have to inspect the details and enter to the excel sheet and calculate the leaves manually. Monthly HR manager issue a report including leave details of employees to the Accountant. The existing Leave Management System is a time consuming one. It needs to be more optimized and more synchronized which will lead the management to have a more proficient system to support the total employee management

Problems in the current paper based system

The current paper-based system for booking and approving annual/casual leave typically experience a similar set of problems and issues. Leave paperwork tends to get routinely lost or is incorrectly filed, meaning that staff leaves aren’t properly recorded and differences of opinion arise over holiday booked and holiday owing between staff and managers.

The amount off annual/casual leave an employee still has left to take in...
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