Project Proposal

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SUBJECT:Proposal for the Proper Allocation of Budget to Improve the Facilities in the University

I. Proposed Solution or Approach
• The budget will focus on the improvement of facilities to provide the students, and university staff and personnel a more comfortable environment. • Maintenance of the whole campus and the wage of the staff and personnel will also be allotted in the budget.

II. Purpose or Objective of Proposal
• To organize the breakdown of the expenses in improving the university. • To encourage more students to enroll and study in the school. • To offer the students and faculty facilities with high quality that will be more efficient to use. • To observe more guidelines in maintaining the surroundings. • To give a reasonable amount of payroll for each teachers and personnel.

III. Main Features or Highlights
• Improvise the situation of each room
o Computer laboratories
▪ Improvise the ventilation to prevent accidents due to overheating of computers. ▪ Place a network server so that it will be easier to monitor each student’s performance. ▪ Organize the wirings of each computer to the power supply to avoid octopus wiring that may result to unexpected happenings. o Science laboratories

▪ Schedule a general cleaning routine to keep the orderliness and cleanliness of the room. ▪ Implement proper labeling of containers containing chemicals to ensure the efficiency of the experiment. ▪ Replace defective equipment especially measuring tools for the students to gain more accurate data. ▪ Repair the broken cabinets, tables and chairs.

o Classrooms
▪ Fix the malfunctioned electric fans, and replace the broken ones to attain a well-ventilated classroom. ▪ Repair the broken tables and chairs.
▪ Replace the defective lights.
o Restrooms
▪ Repaint the doors and wall to clear the vandalisms.
▪ Fix the broken doors and locks, and the faulty...
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