Project Proposal

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A project is something to enjoy. If you are not enjoying the stimulation of being involved in a major piece of work then see the project co-ordinator. Self-motivation is an important aim of the project and it will be accessed. This project is individual project. This module is 100 percent project based.

1. Presentations and Demonstrations

1. Interim Presentation: The interim presentation will:

a) provide a fixed point in the academic year at which students must demonstrate the progress made, and outline the future work to be done,

b) enable students to practice presentation skills.

The presentation should include:

1. an outline of the project.

2. a review of the progress to date in relation to the project plan.

3. Plans for future work; a revision of objectives may be necessary in the light of progress made.

Feedback on the presentation will be provided to all students by their PMPs.

2. Final Demonstration:

The final project demonstration, organised by the student, will enable the proposer, supervisor and PMP member(s) to assess the quality and completeness of the resultant product together with your presentation ability.

3. Final presentation/Viva:

The student will formally present his/her project to a panel of at least two members.

The presentation/Viva panel will normally consist of the project supervisor, one member of the student’s PMP (who may be the supervisor), and one or more other members of an academic staff.

External examiners are also invited to attend this session, which will normally consist of:

a) a 15-minute assessed presentation.

b) a viva period of 10 minutes, the student will be expected to answer questions on any aspect of their project.

2. Project Report

The project report is a self contained document normally consisting of, an introduction, terms of reference, analysis of requirements, discussion of existing facilities, system design including alternatives, implementation overview, development/quality assurance and acceptance, future developments, summary and analytical appraisal. The report should include detailed reasoning for any changes in the terms of reference, project plan or in the scope of the implementation of the entire project. Supplementary detailed material should be supplied as Appendices, It should be noted that the production of the project is the responsibility of the student.

Although there is no absolute format the following guidelines should prove useful.

1. Contents

The content of a project report will vary and will be dependent upon the type and scope of the project. It would normally be expected that the following main parts would be present in the report: - an introduction

- brief description of term of reference
- analysis of term of reference
- analysis of requirements
- discussion of existing facilities (where applicable) - systems design including alternatives considered
- implementation overview
- development/quality assurance and acceptance
- test strategy
- future developments
- summary and critical appraisal
- bibliography

You should also include in your report detailed reasoning for any changes in the terms of reference, project plan or in the scope of implementation of the entire project.

2. Format

The following points give only the specific requirements for the format of the final report.


An abstract should be provided with the report. It must:

- not be bound with the report
- be typed
- not extend beyond one page of A4

The abstract should include:

- the student’s name
- project title
- supervisor’s name

Main Report

This must be typed using double line spacing....
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