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Project Proposal Form
Name of Candidate Registration No Index No Email Address Contact No Title of Project : - J.C Weerasekara : - 2011/MIT/054 :-11550547 : - : - 0773972267 : - Web Based Hospital management System to Uva Hospital in Monaragala : - New Project Repeat Project

This Project

1. The Problem (A brief introduction to the problem that you are trying to Solve/investigate through your project) I have planned to develop a Hospital management System for the well-known hospital placed in Monaragala name called Uva Hospital. Currently this hospital depends on an error – prone software system and a large amount of manual work. Development of a new system will help the client company to minimize the work load they handle manually and to eliminate the faults and errors of the existing software system. This proposed system handles the entire hospital work load under five major functions namely; OPD, IPD, Pharmacy, Doctor Services, and report generation and Billing system. The new system will be having key benefits over existing system such as; high performance due to the immediate updating service provided by the system, reduce errors of putting unnecessary purchase orders, access to fully detailed description about the patient regarding their medical reports, doctors will be pre - alerted about the appointment details of the day and thus the doctor can manage visiting time, reduce human effort and the cost spends to train new employees etc


2. The Objective of Project
The main objective is to implement a web based hospital management system to Uva hospital to overcome the issues come across in the existing system and minimize the work load they handle manually to support the administration of the hospital by giving an efficient service.

3. Related Projects (Others who are proposing logically related work or previous projects which were based for your proposal) I hope to refer existing system for develop a new system.

4. Scope of the project
There are 4 access levels that can be identified in the system.  Admin User(super user )

  

Doctors Pharmacy member Data Entry Operator

I have planned to develop following areas for the Uva hospital management system.

 OPD(Outdoor Patient Unit)
In the OPD module I am going to develop functions to add patient details, store patient details, Identify the patient, whether that patient is registered patient in this hospital or not and after that that patient is sent to the relevant unit. And there is a special feature that they requested is Vaccination. They need to have a special entry for this feature in the OPD. So it will be handled by the OPD function. Not only is the registration of the patient but also channeling handled by the operator who is handling the OPD. Therefore the channeling will be implemented.

 IPD(Indoor patient Department)
IPD (Indoor patient Department) is also a major function of the Hospital System. This function is designed to maintain all the activities including to Inpatient management.

 Doctor
Handling doctor information also is one of the major functions of this Hospital automation system. It consist several sub functions such as Add new doctor, Update doctor details, Search for a doctor, and hope to develop SMS Reminders to the doctors. Here, by Inserting doctor details system will be able to add new doctor’s details to the database and it can be only done by 2

the director or the administrator. So the other staff will not be able to access this function. Update Doctor details also one of a sub in handling doctor information.

 Pharmacy
Maintaining Indoor medical store and pharmacy has several sub functions. This system will manage the indoor medical store completely. It will contain a sub function to issue drugs to the sections such as IPD, OPD, and etc. And this function will contain a sub function to update drug stock and also this will be able to alert a message expire date of the...
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