Project Proposal

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Project Plan
Project Information
Project Time-frame: STARTDATE - ENDDATE
Attached worksheets: Plan > Resource needs
Related Documents: Project proposal > Target audience and benefits Software development methodology

Process impact: This plan will be used to evaluate and manage the project. Key assumptions that affect the plan should be documented here. The project plan should be updated throughout the life-time of the project. TODO: Fill in the information above and below. Add or remove rows as needed. Use the worksheet to help identify and scope resource needs. Summary of Project

ONE OR TWO SENTENCES HERE. For more information see the Project proposal.


Summary of Methodology
What general development approach will be used?
THREE TO FIVE SENTENCES OR BULLETS HERE. COVER GENERAL APPROACH, IMPORTANT ASSUMPTIONS, KEY PRACTICES, AND PROJECT COORDINATION CONTROLS. For more information see the Software Development Methodology. How will the project team be organized?

The development team will consist of ...
The change control board will consist of ...
What development and collaboration tools will be use?
We plan to use the following tools extensively through out the project: Project website
Project mailing lists
Issue tracking system
Version control system
Automated build system
Automated unit test system
How will changes be controlled?
Requests for requirements changes will be tracked in the issue tracker The change control board (CCB) will review requested changes and authorize work on them as appropriate After the feature complete milestone, no new features will be added to this release. After the code complete milestone, no entirely new product source code will be added to this release. All source code commit log messages must refer to a specific issue ID, after the feature complete milestone. How will this plan be updated?

This project plan will be updated as needed throughout the project. It will be placed under version control and instructions for accessing it will be on the project website. Any change to the plan will cause an automatic notification to be sent to a project mailing list. Work Breakdown Structure and Estimates

TODO: List tasks that will be needed for this project. Keep dividing tasks into subtasks until you feel that you have enough detail to expose risks and make reasonable estimates in ideal engineering hours. TIP: Label each step uniquely to show its position in the WBS, e.g., Step 1.1.4.A. Use numbers for steps that you intend to do in sequence, and use letters for steps that you intend to do in parallel. E.g., Step 1.1 comes before Steps 1.2.A and 1.2.B, but those two steps may be done in parallel, and Step 1.3 will be done after all 1.2.* steps have been finished. Don't worry about renumbering if you delete a step. Step Description Estimate

1. Preparation
1.1. Developer training 30h
2. Inception
2.1. Requirements gathering 30h
2.2. Requirements specification 20h
2.3. Requirements validation 10h
3. Elaboration
3.1. High-level design 5h
3.2. Low-level design (break down by component)
3.2.A. Object design 10h
3.2.B. User interface design 10h
3.2.C. Database design 3h
3.3. Design review and evaluation 5h
4. Construction
4.1.A. System implementation
4.1.A.1. Implement COMPONENT-NAME 1 25h
4.1.A.2. Implement COMPONENT-NAME 2 25h
4.1.A.3. Implement COMPONENT-NAME 3 25h
4.1.A.4. Implement COMPONENT-NAME 4 25h
4.1.A.5. Integrate Components
(mostly done during component implementation) 5h
4.1.B. Technical documentation (break down by component) 10h 4.1.C. User documentation (break down by component) 10h
4.1.D. Testing
4.1.D.1. Test planning 10h
4.1.D.2. Test code implementation (break down by component) 30h 4.1.D.3. Test...
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