Project: Problem Solving and Physical World Obeys

Topics: Problem solving, Scientific method, Mathematics Pages: 4 (907 words) Published: December 31, 2012
St. Mary’s Academy
Guagua, Pampanga

Project in Math and Physics
(Reaction Paper)

Submitted by:

Banal, Aldrine
Bautista, Jose Gabriel
Capulong, Luis Carlo Angelo
Hirro, Hans Darryl
Lagman, Joseph Bryan

Bacani, Gia Katrina
Bautista, Nicole Anne
Bautista, Niña Mae
Carbungco, Christa Urania
Carlos, Marielle Beatrice
Cayanan, Celine
David, Cristine Joy
De Leon, Jaira Maurice
Dela Peña, Jessameen
Espinoza, Katherine
Garcia, Celine Sigrid
Go, Charmaine Rica
Hernandez, Angelica
Jimena, Ruffa Andrea
Lavarez, Queenie
Submitted to: Mrs. Luisa Perez (Math Teacher)

Mrs. Sharon de Belen (Physics Teacher)

Some of the pictures of Group 1

“Mathematics is the language of Science"

This is a concept that links back to Galileo and is the reason why technology works, because the physical world obeys regular mathematical rules independent of any human belief system.  Scientific concepts are interconnected by the rules of mathematics.  Much has been written about why nature seems to work so well with these techniques.

Sometimes, these Scientific and Mathematical concepts are hard to understand. We are afraid about solving those problems on Math and Science… but who would have thought that those fears will be replaced with amusement amd amazement.. Just like our minds telling us that “Math and Science are FUN!”

Last November 14 and 15, 2012, the World of Science and Math came like a Big Bang! We thought Math and Science Fair will be a lot boring because we're not really into it. But the moment we entered the...
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