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Topics: Project management, Management, Work breakdown structure Pages: 1 (346 words) Published: March 18, 2014
The two key aspects of my learning during these two weeks were a) Conception and Definition Phase (Initiating & Planning Process Group) This phase forms the heart of any project management life cycle. During this phase there are lot of unknowns/ridden risks that are seen to bring change during project execution. Identification of Risk‘s that can arise during the implementation of the projects needs to be foreseen by the project Manager. The planning process group touches upon all the 9 knowledge areas involved in the project management process as stated in project management process groups and knowledge area mapping (PMBOK Guide-Fourth Edition). Since the effort required during this phase is high and the success/failure of any project by large is attributed to this phase, program manager needs to devise workable scheme to ensure that the project meet its scope, time and cost goals as well as organizational needs (Introduction to Project management, Kathy Schwalbe). There are lot of activities involved starting from creation of project charter, work break down structures, organisational breakdown structures, Resource mapping, Risk assessment, Estimating activity durations, Resource planning, communication structure, Procurement activities, Cost estimation & planning for quality through quality plans. Hence, there are lot of activities that needs to be planned for its systematic execution during this phase.

b) Resource allocation matrix (RAM)
RAM was one of the key learning’s during this week. This matrix which encompasses both Work Breakdown Structure & Organizational Breakdown Structure gives the project manager clear direction about the key activities involved in the project. Also, this gives clarity during the monitoring of the project at execution stage. Team members executing the task have their roles clearly defined. Resource allocations also optimize the utilization of resources in performing a number of jobs (paulwalker et al, 1999). The...
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