Project Plan for a Kitchen Remodel

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Project Description
This project involves the remodeling of the master bathroom by replacing the fixtures, the appliances and the tiles to emanate a sense of peace and tranquility. Our objective is to create a whole new environment. One that is pleasing to eye as well as one that offers a feeling of comfort on a daily bases.

Problem/ Result Statement
The bathroom appliances, fixtures and tiles are in dire need of renovation. The appliances are corroded, the fixtures are broken and or cracked and the tiles are falling apart. Replacing all appliances, fixtures and tiles will enable the master bathroom to have a state of the art look that would update the feel of the room as well as represents an improvement in attractiveness.

Mission Justification
The mission is to build a family foundation that emanates a spiritual strength which focuses on promoting a sense of peace and tranquility with oneself. The remodeling of the bathroom will undoubtedly reflect the philosophy because the new appliances, fixtures and tiles will change the feel and look of the bathroom. By replacing the dark and dingy colors of the tiles with warm earth tones a sense of peace will be reflected in the remodeled bathroom. The new appliances will enhance the appearance and surface of the bathroom. In addition, the fixtures will put emphasis on the earth tones causing it to radiate a sense of tranquility.

High-Level Scope
Project Objective:
Remodeling of the master bathroom will begin on August 1, 2002 and have an expected ending date of August 28, 2002. The cost is not to exceed $3,000 dollars. Deliverables:
A 9' x 11' remodeled bathroom
A White Credit Elite Whirlpool 6' x 36" x 19 3/4"
A Custom Frameless Unit Polished Brass Hardware, Clear Glass Century Shower Door Model 1390-S 112" W x 68" H Panel to 38" W x 68" H Gold Ariana Anti Scald Tub and Shower Set
White Gabrielle comfort height 1 piece toilet
Stain finish Vanity Cabinet 60" x 21" Deep
Double sink 61" x 22" for vanity cabinet
Stain Finish Medicine Cabinet with mirror doors 18" W x 20" H 5 ½" Deep Polished Brass light fixture
Bath Accessories include: 2 Brass finished 18" Towel Bar, 2 robe hooks and 1 toilet paper holder 6 cases of Crema Marfit Select Marble Tiles
Securing of funds - August 1, 2002
Securing of personnel- August 3, 2002
Ensure all deliverables are in stock August 5, 2002 Completion of Installation of all deliverables- August 14, 2002 Technical Requirements:
Limits and Exclusions:
Remodeling of the master bathroom will follow work structure breakdown Site work is limited to Saturday and Sunday, 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Client Review:
Review scope of the project with all personnel

Success Measurement
The success of the project will be measured by staying on task and meeting all deadlines. The project must stay within the budget allotted and stick to the schedule indicated in the project network flow diagram. Another measure of success will be to purchase all the agreed upon deliverables and ensure that they meet all specs.

Best Practices of Management
Two Project Management practices that will help in ensuring the success of this project are scheduling and budgeting. Scheduling means setting exact start and end times and specifically, notifying the participants of the start and end times. Most importantly, identifying the key outcomes that must be achieved within the scheduled times will be necessary for success. There are many benefits from careful scheduling of a project. These benefits include: materials ordered in a timely manner, elimination of delays, and less time is involved in the remodeling of the bathroom. Well scheduled projects tend to be shorter and the outcomes are more focused on the...

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