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Topics: National Park Service, Cost-benefit analysis, Yellowstone National Park Pages: 15 (5697 words) Published: December 13, 2012
University american college skopje|
Continuous Improvement of the Mammoth Hot Spring Dining Room| Individual Assignment for Operations and Project Management - MBA| |
Student: Gorjan Stojanovski|

Skopje, 2012|

Table of Contents
1.Executive Brief2
3.Situation Analysis4
4.Problem Analysis and Solutions6
4.1 Preliminary screening of ideas7
4.2 Change of layout and flow in the kitchen9
4.3 Creation of new work positions11
5.Cost-Benefit Analysis11
5.1 Cost-Benefit of the Layout Change13
5.2 Cost-Benefit of the new job positions14
5.3 Financial Benefit During Peak Hours15
5.4 Final Cost-Benefit15
6.Implementation Plan16

1. Executive Brief
This project captured the idea of making a small change in a corporate governed restaurant in Yellowstone National Park that can solve the new potential problem that it faces. Because it is inside the park it haven’t had much competition and so far wasn’t afraid to lose business, and who would be with over 3 million visitors every year and only 6 restaurants followed by just as many fast food places. The threat was recent and was noticed when managers started reading reviews of the restaurants on popular travel sites such as One thing got them concerned, when they saw comments like: “…it is too busy and loud, waiting forever to seat and then to get the check… I would just go to Gardiner at 10 min away…” It got managers thinking and because it is nor feasible nor needed to perform breakthrough improvement, few ideas were brought up on how to improve the performance level. At the end those minute improvements also brought an estimated profit of over $20.000 per season.

2. Introduction
Xanterra Parks and Resorts is a US company that specializes in tourism in U.S. National Parks. Xanterra operates in both National and State Parks by concessioning the facilities from the National Park service which is the governor, owner and most important protector of these federal grounds and facilities. It is a big corporation that conssesions around 20 Parks, among which Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon, Death Valley and so forth. These Parks vary greatly in size, environment and number of visitors per year. In order to accommodate everyone Xanterra has an extremely diverse offer of accommodation ranging from five-star hotels to rustic cabins and campgrounds. In addition to accommodation Xanterra operates gift shops, restaurants, gas stations, marinas and so forth. Xanterra has developed an extensive environmental program called Ecologix. With this program the company has decreased fossil fuel use, increased renewable energy use, recycling, and offering sustainable cuisine with a local focus. With the strict legal regulations and demands in the contracts with the NPS (National Park Service) Xanterra developed this program in order to preserve the natural beauties of the places it governs. In its branch in Yellowstone National Park the company operates six locations. All of the locations have specific theme and feature different experiences, and they differ in size. All of them offer accommodations, food, gift shops and so forth. This project will be directed towards the dining room (or restaurant) of the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel. Three years ago changes were made and the restaurant got a green star rating (rated 3 green stars) for the percentages of waste recycled (amazing 80%) and for the steps undertaken to reduce the footprint, save energy and serve only sustainable items (meaning all of the items on the menu are farmed animals, even the elk or bison, and no harm is done to the environment or their numbers in the wild).

3. Situation Analysis
Figure 1
Figure 1
The Mammoth Hot Springs Dining Room is located in the location Mammoth Hot Springs which is the location closest to the north border of the park, as seen on the map (Figure 1). This is the...

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