Project on Ohms Law

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Ohms law
Volts equal amps multiplied by resistance. if voltages are kept constant and current is decreased and temperature is kept at a mere 15C and the circuits resistance will increase. In the same way if resistance is increased current strength would decrease accordingly. Can I prove that in circuit volts equal amps multiplied by resistance? Aim

To determine the volts in a circuit I will attempt an experiment, to design a circuit where volts are kept constant and resistance is increased and current strength will decrease as resistance increases. Once presented with data we will be able to determine my multiplication if the volts will equal the ammeter readings multiplied with the resistances.

Circuit diagram of table 1’s components
Circuit diagram of table 1’s components
List of Components:
* Copper wire
* 1.5V and 3v cells
* Rheostat or potentiometer
* Voltmeter and ammeter
* thermometer

1. Put a circuit together consisting of one 1.5v battery, and a rheostat . 2. Make sure all components are correctly installed and polarities are correct. 3. Make sure the temperature is 15C to ensure that resistance remains correct 4. Set the resistance of the rheostat to 1, and take the ammeter reading of the series circuit. 5. Now set the rheostat to 1.5 and take the ammeter reading. 6. Now set the rheostat to 2 and take the ammeter reading. 7. Now set the rheostat to 3 and take the ammeter reading. 8. Now set the rheostat to 5 and take the ammeter reading. 9. Now add another 1.5v cell to make up a battery of 3 volts. 10. Now repeat the process and record all data in a table . 11....
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