Project on Growth of Retail Sector in India

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Growth of Retail Sector in India

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Course: MPE 2008-10
Section : B, Semester 3rd
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1. Industry Overview 02 - 06

2. Organized Retail Sector 07 - 09

3. Origin of retail 10 - 14

4. Indian Retail Industry 15 - 19

5. Retailing Formats in India 20 - 21

6. Specialty stores 22 - 26

7. Organized Retail Sector 27 - 29

8. Major Industry Players 30 - 40

9. The growth Drivers 41 - 47

10. Swot of the Market 48 - 51

11. Challenges 52 - 54

12. Location Planning 55 - 61

13. Competitor Analysis 62 - 64

14. Future Outlook 65 - 66

15. Technology in retail 67 - 73

16. Government initiatives and regulation 74 - 77

17. Research methodology 78 - 80

18. Research analysis 81 - 83

19. Conclusion 84

20. Consumer survey questionnaire 85 - 88

21. References 89

Industry Overview

Industry analysis of the Indian retail sector:
Modern retailing has entered India in form of malls and huge complexes offering shopping, entertainment, leisure to the consumer as the retailers experiment with a variety of formats, from discount stores to supermarkets to hypermarkets to specialty chains. However, kiranas still continue to score over modern formats mostly due to the convenience factor i.e. near to their house. This organized segment typically comprises of a large number of retailers, greater enforcement of taxation mechanisms and better labour law monitoring system. It's no longer about just stocking and selling but about efficient supply chain management, developing vendor relationship quality customer service, efficient merchandising and even the labour class is also in the working process timely promotional campaigns. The modern retail formats are encouraging development of well-established and efficient supply chains in each segment ensuring efficient movement of goods from farms to kitchens, which will result in huge savings for the farmers as well as for the nation. The government also stands to gain through more efficient collection of tax revenues. Network marketing has been growing quite fast and has a few large players today. Gas stations are seeing action in the form of convenience stores, ATMs, food courts and pharmacies appearing in many outlets. In the coming years it can be said that the hypermarket route will emerge as the most preferred format for international retailers stepping into the country. Estimates indicate that this sector will have the potential to absorb many more hypermarkets in the next four to five years List of retailers that have come with new formats:

Retailer Current Format New Formats Shoppers’ Stop Department Store Quasi-mall Crossword...
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