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Ms-Excel is a full-featured window based spread sheet program developed by Microsoft Corporation is used by millions of people around the world. Excel includes all standard features of a spread sheet package like automatic recalculation, graphs and functions. It includes several advanced utilities like facility to include other objects within a spreadsheet, table and form designing. Ms-Excel is developed on the GUI concept. A spreadsheet is a highly interactive computer program that consists of a collection of rows and columns that are displayed on the screen in a scrollable window. The intersection of each row and column is called a cell. A cell can hold a number of text string or a formula that performs a calculation using one or other cells. Excel is used for a variety of applications. It is commonly used to automatic financial statements, business forecasts, transition registers inventory control, accounts receivable and accounts payable. The package provides statistical, analytical and scientific functions. Therefore, Excel is used in many scientific and engineering environments to analyze numerical data and present findings. Excel comes across as a powerful and flexible graphical presentation tool. Excel is also able to access data stored in Database formats. Excel may also used as a powerful application development tool.


Ms-Excel is application software based on electronic spreadsheet made by Microsoft. This software allows us to retrieve data from external data sources and use it in worksheet. Ms-Excel has a number of features. Some of the features of Ms-Excel are as follows- 1.Excel has 65536 rows and 256 columns in it.

2.It supports what if analysis to help predict the future values if there is a change in the cell content which is referred to in the formula. 3.Based on the data, graphs or charts can be created for quick assessment of a situation. 4.Excel provides facility of manipulation of string data.

5.Excel support data and time related function.
6.Huge amount of information is stored.
7.Excel take advantage of windows environment. The windows environment especially applies to DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) and OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) concept within Excel and between Excel and other windows application. 8.Excel also has a drawing toolbar by using which we create our own graphs, charts and other pictures. 9.We can create shortcut keys for processing the task automatically by using the Keyboard macros. 10.Excel allows us to define macros, which we can use to combine a series of sections to automate our work.


1.Click the start button on the task bar.
2.Point to program.
3.Click Microsoft Excel. A blank workbook opens, and the new workbook task pane opens on the right side of the screen.

The excel application window includes the standard title bar and command bars. Below the command bars is a strip that contains the name box and the formula bar. The excel status bar displays information about current selection. Commands or operations. The right end of the status bar displays NUM if the keyboard num lock is on.

MS-Excel uses personal tool bar, so the command bars appear side by side or one above the other. We can drag and drop command bars to rearrange them , we can also click the tool bar drag it to the left to along at its display and make more button visible.

The excel application window contains following main components: Title Bar: Top bar of excel window, a horizontal bar contain the name of the workbook. Whenever you open a new file in MS-Excel, it automatically assigns a name “BOOK” to untitled file.

Menu Bar: Below to the bar, again a horizontal bar contains the different menus that contain different Excel commands. The name of the menus itself define the type of commands they are containing. Standard Tool Bar: A...
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