Project Manager Fundamental Skills

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The essential concern for project management is performing the project successfully. This concern can be measured with how success is evaluated, and what factor plays important roles in the project performance. Closely associated with this is the concern for the competence and the skills of the project manager. Acquiring certain managerial skills is considered to have the most impact on successful project outcomes. The following headlines are to highlight three of the project manager fundamental skills.

1. Being a good communicator
Bing a good communicator is fundamental for success as a project manager. Being a good communicator can be reflected through the ability to communicate internally or externally; with the team members playing specific roles in the project lifecycle, or with people outside the project team; suppliers , contractors , customers and business consultants.

1.1. Communicating with Team Members
The manager will control the discussion during regular sessions and team meetings, so it's significance to master the ability to run meetings efficiently. Meetings may include sessions of brainstorming. A team manager has to assist these by encouraging the members and being satisfied with the brainstorming and pleased with coming up with creative ideas. Once while as working as a teacher in school where its leader was planning to change the method of teaching from traditional classes to interactive classes. The session was opened by the school master by introducing the topic which was about forming the vision and mission of the new school, the participants were invited to contribute composing a good vision that they think it would reflect the goal of the new school. The important quality of a brainstorming session was its openness. The team members felt free to share their thoughts without fear of being criticized. The manager had time to appraise the suggestions and chose the most suitable vision and mission. The manager was not fall into the trap that she knew what others were going to say. What I felt is that she had the vision in her head and she helped them to compose it to feel that the new vision had been created by them. The manager also was an active listener and that helped her to detect problems early and overcome them. She also had been able to avoid misunderstandings, and to build trust within the team members. Establishing communications through effective and frequent meetings helped the managers to keep the team members satisfied and enthusiastic. Lack of communication may cause the team members to lose their interest and consequently their way. The school teacher's were not familiar with that the interactive classes. They asked

the manager to support them through coaching about the new system. Team's performance was difficult to be improved if the manager was not listening to the team members and supporting them. Teachers who had been working for twenty years in a traditional school away from technology are not going to automatically or immediately teach through a new method. The manager was needed to motivate the members and to improve the quality of teaching. Many forums had been arranged to address teachers' concerns and that increased their sense of being valuable and led to establish a good working relationship between them and the project manager. The manager ensured that individuals all had the same understanding of the new goals and expectations. When goals and expectations were not clearly understood by all the employees, the project would be fluctuating between failure and success. When leader found that the team's work was underperformance, she thought about the communication style. Why the goals and objectives of the organization had not been clearly communicated. A breakdown in communication style was the reason beyond the week performance of the employees. If the expectations have been clearly stated, the outcomes would have been similar to what the manager...

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