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Project Management (Bachelor of Commerce)
Assessment 2 - Individual Assignment

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Table of content
1.0 Brief Background of the Project3
2.0 Appraisal of the project3
2.1 The Main Problem of the Case3
2.2 Specific Problems in Various Project Management Areas3 2.2.1 Project Conceptualization and Strategy3
2.2.2 Setting of Project Objectives4
2.2.3 Definition of Project Scope and Limitations4
2.2.4 Project Planning and Scheduling5
2.2.5 Project Risk Identification and Management6
2.2.6 Project cost Estimation and Cost Control6
2.2.7 Project Quality Control7
2.2.8 Leadership and People Management7
2.2.9 Communication and Progress Monitoring8
2.2.10 Project Closeout and Facility Startup8
3.0 Measures and Actions that Could Have Been Taken to Achieve Project Success 9 References10
1.0 Brief Background of the Project
Attractively designed and well constructed furniture have made the company grown a reputation. There was a mini boom during 1989. Moreover, there are some complained about the company’s production efficiency. By having a lack of manufacturing space have made the production efficiency decrease. This project will take place at Someplace, BC. The Custom Woodworking Company project is about the expansion of the production floor of the company by 25 percent. The project was called “Woody 2000”. This project will be a development and installation of new software and equipments. The budget of this project is $17 million and will be done in 18 month. 2.0 Appraisal of the project

We should lead, be able control, and supervise employees. So we can make sure that the project and processes are on the right track. Woody 2000 a have very less detail about the plan of the project. We need to control to make the project within the schedule time, and also supervise money so it will not go over budget.

2.1 The Main Problem of the Case
This project doesn’t have a clear plan. It is good that the managers listen to their employees, but they don’t study about needs of this project. They should make an analysis of benefits if improvements to know if it good to do it or not. They didn’t study about the expansion, but they just agree to expand. There is no relationship between expanding and renovate President and Executive Vice President’s offices The budget of the project was approved without real calculation. There is no arrangement for the key person and also the distribution of work was not cleared. 2.2 Specific Problems in Various Project Management Areas

Project was behind the schedule: problem occurs and the works are not done in schedule. Project was over the budget: because of the adaptation of the mistake, once they change their plan, there will be extra cost.

2.2.1 Project Conceptualization and Strategy
The project is the expansion of production area to increase production to meet the demand. In this case they doesn’t want to move to other place so than have the expansion in the existing place. They will improve their equipments, software, and hardware to increase the efficiency in production. Since there was no clear plan, there is no clear strategy stated. They should concise design development processes that include strategic planning.

2.2.2 Setting of Project Objectives
Project’s objectives are as follow:
To make an expansion of the existing floor by 25 percent.
Installation of dust free paint and air condition to make a better working environment. To increase the work efficiency by using a semi automatic woodworking production train. New development and installation of hardware and software.

Offices renovation for President and Executive Vice Presidents. This is not cleared and very less details.

Improvements that should they determined are...

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