Project Management Report: Outsourcing Projects

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The Internet
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word

Other Resources
IB96G0: Management of Information Technology lecture notes and handouts for week 2 and 3 The University of Warwick Library. Other Public and academic libraries
Reading material from IB96G0: Management of Information Technology . Lecturer: Dr. Julia Kotlarsky
PMP Study Guide

Chansler, Philip A, Swamidass, Paul M., and Cammann, Cortlandt. 2003. “Self-Managing Work Teams: An Empirical Study of Group Cohesiveness in “Natural Work Groups” at a Harley-Davidson Motor Company Plant”. Small Group Research,34:1 (February): 101-120. Manz, Charles C. and Sims, Henry P. Jr. 1993. Businesses Without Bosses. New York: John Wiley & Sons.

Roles and Responsibilitie

Project Manager
Promoting effective teamwork and solving conflicts
Ensuring milestones and deadlines are achieved
Assessing the risks throughout the project
Preparation and administration of project plan and project schedules.

Project Deliverers
Selecting suppliers (based on academic sources)
Description of bid and deliverables to the supplier
Evaluation of supplier selection
Communicating and exchanging drafts with the coder
Completing the project

Write product specification.
Brief description of the processes
The received deliverables from supplier
Demonstrate that informed decisions were made
Lessons learnt
Preparation of presentation

Observers and Writers
Covering the topics from the presenters
Monitoring and noting down the project progress
Identifying the activities and resources
Observing good/bad teamwork and how they were dealt with •Justifying ALL decisions made
Showing that ‘informed decisions’ were made (see assignment brief) •Backing-up statements with academic references

Team Constraints
At the G7 we recognize the effect of constraining factors on team performance both on individual level and as a team. We shall encourage open discussion of individual constraints and continue to brainstorm to capture team constraints. We shall channel some effort at resolving these constraints to minimize or eliminate their effect on project quality, speed or productivity of members and team.

Below is a list of identified initial constraints and team solutions. Scheduling Constraints
• All members of G7 are full time graduate students and are attending classes. They also have commitments as regards other class assignments and projects as well as extra-curricular activities. Some members work part-time.

Proposed Solutions
• The G7 group members shall compare schedules and agree upon the time and number of meetings.
• Members shall take individual responsibiliies as much as possible without compromising the team efforts.
• Team members shall utilize email and phones for communication in addition to physical meetings. The Project Manager shall provide the list of group members’ phone numbers and email contact.

Constraint: Dispersed Residential Locations
• Three group members live in town thus putting constraints on meeting time. Proposed Solutions
• We shall fix meeting time to accommodate those living off campus.

Constraint: Differing Levels of Internet Access
• Most of our members have home internet access and can be reached by email. However, one member does not have access to the internet where he lives and so will not be able to assess group email messages outside school hours.

Proposed Solutions
• The team member without home access shall check his email on a daily basis at school during the week. He shall to expedite the resolution of this situation as he has promised.
• The Project Manager shall ensure that the member without home email access is informed of group activities during weekends and holidays by the use of telephone until his Internet service is restored.

Constraint: Differing Work Styles
• At G7 we recognize the...
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