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Topics: Project management, Management, Work breakdown structure Pages: 8 (1426 words) Published: November 23, 2011
1) Which of the following statement is true
a) Project management is becoming a slandered way of doing business b) Project management is increasingly contributing to achieving organisational strategies c) Project management is being used at a consistent percentage of a firms efforts d) Both a and b are true

e) A, b and c are all true

2) Which of the following financial models are typically included in a project a) Payback
b) Npv
c) Internal rate of return
d) Both a and b are correct
e) A, b and c are all correct

3) which of the following financial models are typically included in project selection a) payback
b) NPV
c) Internal rate of return
d) Both a and b
e) A, b and c are all correct

4) Scope management typically involves which of the following activities a) Collecting, dissminating and storing appropriate project information b) Evaluating the project milestone
c) Determin the work necessary for project completion
d) Identifying aanalyzing and controlling project risks
e) Acquiring developing and managing the project team
5) In the snapshop from practise intel ceo has concentrated intel strategy….. a) Creating chips to support the digital devise market
b) Eliminating AMD as a competitor
c) Strengthening INTELs position in the pc market
d) Expanding INTELS international markets
e) Expand efforts in the main frame computer markets
6) In which of the following stages are you more likely to find status reports, many changes, and the creation of forecasts a) Conceptualalizing
b) Defining
c) Planning
d) Executing
e) Delivering
7) To construct a high quality custom home within 5 months add 150000 dollars is best classified as a) Deliverable
b) Milestones
c) Objectives
d) Limit

8) The ability of 911 emergency ystems to identify the callers phone number location are considered to be a) Technical requirment
b) Milestone
c) Project limit
d) Project exclusion
e) Project deliverables
9) The waste of failed projects and cost overruns is estimated in the neighbour…. a) Under $1000000
b) Over $150 billion
c) Under 10 billion
d) Between 90-100 billion
e) Between 125 billion and 135 billion
10) Which of the following example is not a typical or appropriate situation to employ project managements a) Processing depostits and withdrawels in a bank
b) Improving a soldering process in an assembly line
c) Installing a new accouting application on to a server
d) Developing a new medical device for use by clinics
e) Al of above
11) The importance of project management has increased due to a) The movement of manufacturing operations out of thee us b) Time to market
c) Movement towards flatter and leaner organisations
d) A+B are true
e) All of above
12) Kim is reviewing a proposed project the scope of the project is anrrow with a lot of in depth expertise a required an dit will take a short period of time to complete. The best choice for organizing the project is …………. Organization project a) Functional

b) Balanced matrix
c) Weak matrix
d) Strong matrix
e) Project
13) The organizational cultutre diagnosis worksheet classifies cultural characteristics in all of the following except a) Physical characteristics
b) Public documents
c) Behaviour
d) Folklore
e) Ethics
14) Which of the following is not one of the classification for assessing the project portfolio a) Sacred cow
b) Bread and butter
c) Pearls
d) Oysters
e) White elephants
15) Organizational culture is best explained as organizational a) Personality
b) Heirachy
c) Reporting relationships
d) Background
e) Management style
16) from the list below which is not a primary characteristics of organization culture a. control...
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