Project Management: Planning a Wedding

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OMGT6333 – Project Management
Final Term Project: Planning a Wedding

Table of Contents
Problem Statement| |
Assumptions| |
Alternatives| |
Alternative 1: Wedding Planner| |
Alternative 2: Elope| |
Alternative 3: Family Only Wedding| |
Project Statement of Work| |
Strategic Importance of The Project| |
Stakeholder Analysis| |
Scope Management| |
Time Management| |
Cost Management| |
Works Cited| |

Problem Statement
In 2011, the average wedding budget was $27,021, with an average guest attendance of 141, and an average wedding dress cost of $1,121. Wedding planning can be a very lengthy, strenuous, and complicated process that involves a great deal of time, money, and resources.1 I am getting married in June of 2013 and I have 12 months to plan and execute a wedding for 75 guests, with a budget of $5000. If all goes well and according to plan, a successful wedding and reception will have been executed within budget and time constraints for 75 guests including ample photography, music, food, cake, and decoration. A poorly executed project however can result in an array of difficulties including: vendors backing out, going over budget, falling behind schedule, wedding party members not following through with commitments, wedding day events being delayed, and not providing for enough guests. Assumptions

The following is a list of assumptions that will be used to guide the wedding planning process from initial research to implementation and execution. * All pre-wedding events, including bridal showers, bridal luncheons, bridal teas, engagement parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, and wedding showers will be planned and paid for by the bride and groom’s parents or members of the wedding party, and therefore will not be the responsibility of the couple to plan or fund. These events will be cleared with the bride and groom and will also be executed according to plan and will be coordinated around other wedding planning events. * All members of the wedding party will buy or rent their wedding apparel themselves. * All contractual obligations made by product and service providers will be met and provided up to the standards set forth by said contracts * Of the 100 invitations that are sent, only approximately 70% of the guests will RSVP yes. The final total guest attendance will be approximately 75 people. Alternatives

1. Hire a wedding planner to take care of all wedding related details. * Pros: in hiring a wedding planner to organize wedding related events, there will be less stress imposed on the couple getting married. They can rest assured that a professional will be handling plans in a professional manner. There will be a higher level of expertise involved and the wedding planner will also possess all the tools necessary for wedding preparations and be able to handle difficulties with more ease. * Cons: While hiring a wedding planner can alleviate some stress associated with wedding planning, it is an additional expense. The couple and the wedding planner may not always see eye to eye on every aspect of the wedding and some conflict may arise. Additionally, when a couple hires a planner, they have less control over the different aspects of the event. Also, while the couple will be very involved in the process, they will still miss out on some of the experiences of planning their own wedding. 2. Forgo the traditional ceremony, mail announcements, and elope. * Pros: In forgoing a traditional ceremony, the couple will save a great deal of money as they won’t have to pay for a wedding or a reception or a wedding planner. All of the time and effort that would have been devoted to wedding planning can be spent on other activities as well. When the couple elopes, they will not have to worry about feeling obligated to invite guests who they don’t particularly care for and they will avoid a great deal of stress...

Cited: 1.
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