Project Management on Western Food Delivery Service

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Café Hub

Project Management Plan
For Café Hub business planning
Muhamad Lokman b Che Sulaiman (52251208125)
Norhafifi bin Ibrahim (52251208130) Mahamad Nasrullah bin Izani (52251208034)

Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction4
2.0 Problem Statement4
3.0 Objective and Scope of the Project4
4.0 Project Needs5
The Opportunity…5
The Solution…6
5.0 Methodology6
Project Roadmap7
6.0 Budget/Costing8
Scope Management Plan10
Scope Management Approach10
Roles and Responsibilities11
Scope Definition12
Project Scope Statement12
Work Breakdown Structure13
Scope Verification15
Scope Control16
Risk Management Plan17
Purpose of the Risk Management Plan17
Risk management Procedure17
Risk Identification17
Risk Analysis17
Risk Response Planning19
Risk Monitoring, Controlling, and Reporting19
Tools And Practices20
Limitation of the Project20
Project Finding21

Project title

Café Hub – Your One and Only Western Food Delivery Service
1.0 Introduction
Western foods have become one of the most popular meals for citizen in Kuala Lumpur. As we can see, there are many western restaurants in these areas and only a few are doing delivery service to homes, hostels, schools and offices. We see this as an opportunity to create a company that manage ordering and delivery for western food restaurants surrounded KL. Our focus right now is in centre of Kuala Lumpur.

2.0 Problem Statement
* There is less western food restaurant in Kuala Lumpur that provides delivery service. * On office lunch hour especially, employees usually will get their lunch at nearby restaurant due to traffic jam * They are people who love to enjoy their meal at home.

* Students that lives in hostels usually are not permitted to go outing at night for too long, and they usually prefer not to waste time on meal. * Western foods are usually open at nighttimes’ and only some particular restaurants have it on daytime. 3.0 Objective and Scope of the Project

To become a successful western delivery service operator in Kuala Lumpur, we have initialized some major objective and scope to be covered: * Objective #1: Research for suitable office location

* This is the most crucial part on cafe start-up process. We must find a really strategic location to set-up our office that near western food restaurant and our targeted customers. Plus, with a good location, our delivery service can be more efficient and fast. * Objective #2: Find reliably western food restaurants

* Another important step is finding the perfect restaurants. Ordering is crucial for everyday business. We must find the best restaurant so that our cafe hub business can run smooth and lasting long. Popular restaurants must have meals that are so delicious till customers will remember it and repeat ordering – and also tell their friends. * Objective #3: Find a very good system development company and ecommerce website engineer. * A good ecommerce website is base on it design and loading time and a good ordering system is based on the system functionality and interface. To make our delivery one of the best in the food industry, we will search for developer that have all it need to done this job perfectly. * We will list down first all available company in Malaysia and we will outsource the best company among them. * Objective #4: Find offices, schools, and residents in Kuala Lumpur that are suitable to become our prospect. * Since one of our business model is delivering service, we will find places nearby our restaurants that we deal with and list them as our respectful prospects. * We...

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