Project Management Office vs Enterprise Project Management Offices

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Project Management Office vs Enterprise Project Management Offices

HP needs for EPMO:
Project Management Office – PMO – is the responsible department to plan, support and manage all projects within the organization. Most Project Management Offices are located in a department within the companies that can manage projects from the most of departments within the company. This organizing may work effectively with some projects, but some in IT and engineering projects might be difficult to manage because of their nature that runs far from the organization which can affect on the strategic plans as a result of lack senior management’s direction and control. Therefore, the demand to establish Enterprise Project Management Offices EPMO has been increased and several enterprises have established EPMOs to support senior managements to move from departments’ managements to the corporate side of business to control their global projects easily [5]. As one of the largest and most competitive IT enterprises, Hewlett Packard has its own Project Management Office (PMO) which can support the company from different aspects. For instance, at the high level, PMO can help the project managers for planning the important steps in their processes including project schedule, PERT chart, etc. [1]. Hewlett Packard had realized that this PMO is not adequate anymore. An Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) was required to manage Hewlett Packard’s projects [2]. According to [2][3] there are two main reasons: 1- The historical merger of Hewlett Packard’s acquisition of Compaq Computer company] which is considered as merger of two different culture companies that intensified the needs to set up the EPMO to have common project management language, repositories and processes of project management information [3]. 2- The obvious growth of Hewlett Packard globally. This had produced several complexities that PMO could not solve them due to its abilities and limitation to cover the...
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