Project Management: Concepts and Applications

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Project Management Concepts and Applications Paper
Celeste Parker
University of Phoenix
Roger Sevison
August 31, 2015

Project Management Concepts and Applications Paper
The goal the paper is to provide a description of the managerial processes of project management. The paper will provide an overview of the project which is Access One’s Annual Blizzard. The paper will identify the primary goals of the project and show why the Blizzard is a project and not just the organizations day to day work. A description of the organizations structure will be included too identify how the project bodes with the organization. The paper will also provide the pros and cons the project has on the organizational structure. The paper will conclude by detailing the ways in which the project affects the organizational culture both from a positive and negative perspective.
Description of the Project
The Blizzard is project the Lash Group/Amerisource Bergen must have every year to ensure the drug Remicade is available for patients to obtain through the patients insurance benefits. The Blizzard is a project that requires over one hundred core employees and at least seven hundred to one thousand seasonal contract employees to accomplish the goal of verifying approximately seventy thousand patients’ benefits to ensure the insurance will cover the cost for an extreme high dollar drug. Core team members of the organization must assist with training the seasonal employees on the correct way to verify benefits for the patients. Information Technology (IT) employees must ensues the database is properly functioning by monitoring and troubleshooting daily. A project manager is hired along with project team to ensure organizational and team goals are met and hopefully exceeded. Planning actually begins approximately six months prior to the launch which begins on the first Monday in January and the project last until approximately the second week in February. The project is client specific

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