Project Management Concepts

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Project Management Concepts
OPS 571
April 8, 2014
Professor Arun Iyengar
Project Management Concepts
Project management involves the planning, directing, and supervision of resources (people, materials, equipment) to perform a specific project. Three elements of a project includes the organizational structure, the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and the Statement of Work (SOW). This paper will describe the three structuring projects associated with a project which includes Pure Project, Functional Project, Matrix Project and the advantages and disadvantages of each, the purpose of the WBS and its importance to project management, and briefly describe the role of the SOW within a project. Project management plays is key to ensuring the success of any organization. Organizational Project Structures

A project is a series of jobs\tasks whose successful completion is required to meet the required output of a project. Prior to starting a project senior management must select one of three possible structuring projects. These three organizational structures are Pure Project, Functional Project, and Matrix Project, all have advantages and disadvantages that must be considered to ensure a project’s success. Pure Project Advantages

Pure Project consists of dedicated employees (team members) assigned to work full-time on a project. The advantages of this type of project structure is that this type of project full authority over the project is given to the project manager (PM). A second advantage is that having a single project manager allows team members to report to one boss only which eliminates the possibility of miscommunication between team members and supervisors, this also allows lines of communications to be shortened resulting in quicker decision-making. Employees assigned to a project on a full-time basis develop team pride, are motivated to accomplishing all tasks associated with the project, and demonstrate a high level of commitment. Pure Project Disadvantages

Pure Project brings with it disadvantages that must be identified and discussed prior to the beginning of any project. One disadvantage is that team members assigned full-time to a project Equipment and people are shared across projects and are unavailable to participate in other projects. A second disadvantage is that since team members are often removed physically from a firm’s employees and management organizational policies and goals are often ignored. Employees assigned full-time to a project no longer work out of a functional area workcenter which can slowdown project completion because team members may believe loss of employment can occur when project has been completed. Functional Project Advantages

Functional Project varies greatly from Pure Project because it houses the project within a functional division. Organizations that select this type of structure because of the advantages of maintain employees within a division. One advantage is that Functional Project allows team members to stay in their functional areas which allows them to work on several projects, this keeps the technical expertise within the functional area where it can be utilized on multiple projects. Because team members are stay within their functional area when a project is completed team members continue to work on other projects free from worry of life-after-project employment status. An advantage for the organization and team members who work on Functional Projects is their ability to provide technical expertise to resolve a project’s technical problems. Functional Project Disadvantages

While a Functional Project structure provides an organization with certain advantages there are disadvantages that must be addressed to ensure structure can be successfully applied to the project. A major disadvantage of the type of structure is that a project is managed by multiple functional managers. Multiple managers can cause conflicts that can have drastic...
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