Project Management Case Study: Yorkshire House Foods

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Project is a group of activities undertaken to meet one or more specific objectives. These objectives could be solving a problem, creating a system, launching a product or service, implementing strategies and changing a process. Kerzner (2000) says that, ‘A project is an endeavor that has a definable objective, consumers resource, and operates under time, cost, and quality constrains. In addition, projects are generally regarded as activities that may be unique to the company.’

This assignment is to present the process of project management by using Yorkshire House Foods as case study. The project will be analyzed clearly with project management methodology.

Yorkshire House Foods
Yorkshire House Foods is the company which has produced cooked and processed meats, including sausages, black pudding meat rolls and joints. Manufacturing is carried out approximately 184 employees. Their aim is to expand and work on large additional unit to be built on same site in order to increase the manufacturing capacity of meat products. The company currently supplies the food service and wholesale food sectors. Last year Yorkshire House Foods have about 1% of market shared in GB pre-pack chilled sausage (total £350 million) and cooked and slice meat (total £900 million)

Project Initiation
Project initiation is the first phase in the project lifecycle and involves starting up the project. The project is initiated by defining its purpose and scope which consist of six key steps. (Burke, 1999)

Step 1:Develop a Business Case
This step will describe the business problem, opportunity, solution including cost and benefit.
Step 2: Undertake a Feasibility Study
The project is needed to undertake a feasibility study to determine the alternative solutions as requirement by researching the problem in more detail, identifying the requirement for a solution.
Step 3: Establish the Project Charter
Step 4: Appoint a Project Team
Step 5: Setup a Project Office...
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