Project Management Case Study on Klamath Paper Products

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Assignment# 14Payal Swami (000395494)
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Question: In Chapters 11 and 13, you learned about the network design project for Klamath Paper Products. Develop a high-level project schedule for Klamath’s design project. Include the dates of completion for major design, testing, and implementation tasks. You may not know the exact nature of all the tasks or how long they will take, but based on what you have learned in this book, try to include realistic tasks and completion dates.


Klamath Paper Products Inc. is an organization which manufactures paper and packaging products. These products include office paper, news print carton and corrugated boxes. It has more than 15 offices all over the US. Its headquarters are in Portland, Oregon and have 1500 employees in their branches. Company wants to install the video conferencing system in their offices so that they can give the distance learning training to the employees of other branches and other companies of wood and paper manufacturing. By this process company wants to increase their revenue by the timber industry distance learning program.

Project management approach:
The networking manager Lauren Bui has the overall authority and responsibility to handle this project. The project team will have the Business analyst, networking manager, networking engineers, quality control/assurance group and technical group. The project manager will take care of all the resources which will be used in this project. Project Sponsors will make the funding decisions. Each team member has to report to their corresponding organizational manager and project manager will be in contact with these organizational managers.

Project Scope:
The project of Klamath paper Products has the planning, design, development, testing of the video conferencing system facilities in the main branch so that they can give the distance learning classes to the paper manufacturing companies as well as their own employees.

The videoconferencing software should meet the organizational software standards like there should be no delay or band width problem in the video sessions. The scope of the project also includes the completion of all the documents, manuals and training aid with the software installation. The video conferencing software will be installed internally; it means it will not be outsourced.

Milestone Lists:
The below chart has the list of all the milestones which are necessary for the success of this project. The whole work break down structure of these milestones can access through the Microsoft project. If there is any delay in the completion of any of the milestone, the project manager will be notified so that he/she can take proper step to complete this in time.

Milestone| Description| Date|
Complete requirement gathering| All requirements of implementation of video conferencing system should be gathered| 04/19/2013| Designing of the process of implementing the video conferencing system.| This will be the theoretical design of the functionality of the software.| 05/2/2013| Implementation of the system by networking team| The networking team will implement the video conferencing system in the head quarter of the Klamath paper and the software compatible to this system in other branch offices. | 08/12/2013| Testing process and debugging| The complete testing of this video conferencing system by performance, security, functionality, stress testing etc. Checking of errors and methods to fix them.| 09-13-2013| Complete implementation| Completed installation and documentation| 10-24-2013|

Schedule baseline and Work break down structure:
The WBS defines the work package which will not exceed 40 hours of work. It will have the input from the managers, employees, stakeholders and the research from the past projects. The WBS structure will have all the tasks, resources and...

References: * Project Management Plan ( April 19, 2013) retrieved from
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