Project Management Assignment

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1. Company Profile.
2. Introduction.
3. Business Case.
4. Technical Plan.
5. Project Management Method.
6. Strategic Project Management Techniques.
7. Quality Control.
8. Project Monitoring and Controlling.
9. Risk Management.
10. Project Costing and Budgeting.
11. Project Closure.
12. References.

Company Profile

T&T Co. is a Cochin-based private construction and Architecture Company, established in 1995 mainly undertaking projects concerning building and bridge constructions. The company is headed by a board of directors, led by Mr. Thahir C.A. The head office of the company is situated in Aluva, Cochin district of Kerala.

The company has undertaken 6 major projects in collaboration with The Government of Kerala and 8 projects partnered by other private companies. 6 of these projects have been successfully completed on time, 4 projects are in progress, while 4 are still under planning.

The company has acquired numerous achievement awards and the likes during the course of its life. Following are some of the awards received by the company: 1. Architecture Firm Award of 2000 held at Hyatt Grand, Cochin. 2. Builder of the year Award 2000 held at Casino Hotel, Mumbai. 3. Aga Khan Award, 2008, held at Rajput Fort, New Delhi.

4. RAIA Gold Medal, 2010 held at Atlantis Hotel, Dubai.


Aluva is situated along the Periyar River, in the central region of Kerala. This area is characterised by beautiful scenery along the river and high rise residential buildings along the river front. T&T Co. is aware of the continuous growth of this area. To overcome the congestion of the roads due to the increasing number of residents living in the surrounding buildings and the thriving market place, a simple remedy has been proven to be building a bridge along the Periyar River. Based on the survey conducted by the private survey agencies, we have been notified that the traffic requirements in this area cannot be met by the existing Marthandavarma Bridge located 300 metres from the planned construction of our bridge. Instability due to the age and the narrow width of the Marthandavarma bridge, it is not able to capacitate all the road traffic, resulting in delay of arrival of the people and also puts the security of the persons travelling at risk.

Figure 1: Proposed design of the Periyar Bridge (

Business Case

The new proposed Periyar Bridge of T&T Co. is 6-lane Trussed through arch bridge constructed atop the Periyar River in Aluva. The bridge connects Aluva with the northern districts of Kerala. The bridge starts from the Market road in central Aluva and ends at the Temple road/GCDA Junction on the other side. The Incremental Launching method is used for the construction of the bridge. Following are the details of the various dimensions of the bridge: 1. Overall length of total bridge: 105 meters.

2. Overall breadth: 28 metres including footpaths on both sides of 2 metres each. 3. Clearance level: Deck is 30m above water level.
4. Weight including girders, rods, chains, deck: 1800tons. 5. Height of arc: 18mts above deck.
6. Length of arc: 45m arcs on each side.
It is a joint project with the GCDA (Greater Cochin Development Association). The estimated cost of construction of the bridge is Rs. 1000 crores. The project starting date will be 1st April 2012. The project completion date is predicted to be March 2015 without taking into consideration delays due to land, new government policies, etc. The project is over-looked by members of the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), The Kerala Bridge Association and The Bridge Federation of India. The proposed design of the bridge is given in the following figure: Figure 2: The proposed design of each arc section (

The proposed location...

References: 3. Aga Khan Award, 2008, held at Rajput Fort, New Delhi.
4. RAIA Gold Medal, 2010 held at Atlantis Hotel, Dubai.
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