Project Management Assignment 1 Charter

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Wedding Bells

The Project Charter

Project Sponsors: Bride and Groom
Project Executives: Parents
Project Manager: Kathy Harris
Date of Original Charter: April 15, 2015

Project Management Assignment #1

Wedding Bells - The Project Charter
Table of Contents
Section 1 3
Project Name 3
Project Background 3
Business Case 3
Project Objectives 3
Project Customers 3
Project Stakeholders 3
Customer Requirements 3
Constraints 4
Success Criteria 4
Major Deliverables 4
Milestones 4
Proposed Resource List 4
Preliminary Budget 5
Section 2 5
Project Manager and Authority Level 5
Project Team and Team Structure 5
Team Roles 5
Conflict Resolution Process 5
Section 3 6
Approval Requirements 6
Bibliography 6


Project Name
Wedding Bells - The Project Charter
Project Background
The Bride and Groom have been dating for a while and have decided to get married. The couple will commit their love and devotion in a legal ceremony with wedding vows. They have informed their parents and have agreed to a reception in a hall in 3 months time.
Business Case
To plan a proper wedding for the Bride and Groom. This project has been initiated in response to the Brides engagement announcement to her parents. The goal is have a legal wedding, and provide pleasant memories for all the guests. The budget is $20,000, with a 3 month timeline and invitation list of 150 attendees.
This Charter authorizes Wedding Bells Project to plan and implement the clients vision.

Project Objectives To organize a wedding to accommodate 150 guests within budget. Help the couple implement and manage all necessary tasks within the scope of this project that are required to host a successful wedding. Assist and guide the couple in making informed decisions by evaluating vendor contracts and making recommendations. Finalize the wedding plans.

Project Customers
The Bride and Groom are the Project Customers. The Project Manager speaks for the customer.

Project Stakeholders

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