Project Management and Points

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MIS535-WK6-2013-HOMEWORK/ANSWERS What will you need to understand and measure for an effective reengineering project? (Points : 1) Cost and risk
Performance of existing processes for a baseline
Strategic analysis and workflow
Inputs and outputs |
2. Enabling organizations to make continual improvements to many business processes and to use processes as the fundamental building blocks of corporate information systems is the goal of (Points : 1) BPM.

workflow management. |
3. The _____ is directly responsible for the individual systems project. (Points : 1) project management group
project team
IS steering committee
corporate strategic planning committee|
4. Which process develops a detailed description of the functions that a new information system must perform? (Points : 1) Feasibility study
Requirements analysis
Systems design
Test plan development |
5. The entire system-building effort is driven by (Points : 1) organizational change.
feasibility studies.
the information value change.
user information requirements. |
6. Systems design (Points : 1)
describes what a system should do to meet information requirements. shows how the new system will fulfill the information requirements. always tries to increase precision.
includes the testing phases. |
7. Transferring transaction data from a legacy system to the new system would be defined by which category of system design specifications? (Points : 1) Input
Manual procedures
Conversion |
8. What is the primary driving factor in firms to select domestic outsourcing firms to build system solutions? (Points : 1) To take advantage of technical skills the firm does not have To save labor costs

To avoid change management issues
All of the above|
9. The four kinds of structural organizational change enabled by IT, in order from least to most risky, are (Points : 1)...
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