Project Management and New Mission

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Hector Gaming Company Case study
Case Study
Hector Gaming Company

1. What is our major problem?
a. The major problem for your organization is that there is no set vision or mission. b. Lack of common goal.

2. Identify some symptoms of the problem?
a. Lack of communication
b. No real teamwork
c. Review and define the organizational mission
d. Set long range goals and objectives
e. Analyze and formulate strategies to reach objectives.

3. What is the major cause of the problem?
a. The major cause of this problem is organizational politics. Everyone needs to be brought back to the same page. This can be obtained by setting goals and objectives together as a team. Secondly, you need to take all the projects and put them through some sort of decision criteria. This will help you choose the projects that are most crucial to your organization.

Underlining Issue:

The underling issue with your organization is that you do not have clear mission of where the company is going.


• Growth rate for the last two years is approximately 80% each year. • Unique industry specialists.
• Peter’s entrepreneurial spirit.

• Too many projects on the go.
• Lack of internal communication.
• Conflict of interest.

• A unique product that has niche educational value.
• Well established brand
• Potential loss of industry talent to other companies.
• Increased elements of competition.
• Threat of substitution products.


Do nothing: If you follow this alternative you have potential of loosing key employee’s.

Revise the mission statement: If choose this alternative you can bring the company back into line with everyone on the same page.

Fire some or all your 10 top managers: If you choose this alternative you the potential of loosing valuable assets that can help build your business.

Decision Criteria:

Decision Criteria Company Alignment Minimal Costs Minimal Risks...
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