Project Management and Individual Project Paper

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Introduction to Project Management
May 29, 2013
Joanna Lawless

Phase 1

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Phase 1 Individual Project Paper4
Phase 2 Individual Project Paper6
Phase 3 Individual Project Paper7
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Phase 5 Individual Project Paper11

Phase 1 Individual Project Paper
The initiation process of a project that must occur prior to the start of the project. A person in a place of power to make decisions in the organization (ex. CEO, Vice President) must approve the project overview. Defining the scope of the project is the next step in initiating a project. A scope is how big or small a project is supposed to be. Project Deliverables would be next to be reviewed. Project Deliverables are the outcomes when the project is completed. The last step in initiating a project is creating a project charter. The following information to follow is taken from the following scenario and described as it would be on a Project Charter. “Project Scenario: You are the project manager for company that manufactures communication applications for cell phones and digital TVs. As a project manager, you have been assigned an in-house project of refreshing your company’s computer and cell phones for all employees within the next year. The company employs 5,000 employees who telecommute and are located in North and South America. Each employee is supplied with a company-owned laptop computer and cell phone. Your supervisor just notified you that it’s time to upgrade the computers and cell phones at the company. You are in charge of the SuperDuper XXII Computer and Cell Change-out Project, scheduled to start next year on Jan. 1 and completed by Oct. 1. (Changed to July 1 as start date April 1 as the end date due to chat sessions for phase 2 projects) The budget has not yet been established, but a few givens: The new computer retails at $1,000 each, with a 10% discount. The software upgrades will run about $500 per computer. You are considering hiring an outsourcing firm and initial project proposals from three vendors show an average cost range of $200,000-$300,000 for a turnkey operation. The IT department includes 350 employees. You plan on using 10% of the in-house staff to help with the project rollout.”(Task List Phase 1) The Purpose of the Refresh project is that the project will upgrade all of the company’s computers and phone systems to the latest version technology can offer. This project will produce the latest technology to our customers at Communication App.’s for Cell Phones & Digital TV’s as well as allow our systems the best they can offer. The Objectives of the project is to be able to improve Communication App.’s for Cell Phones & Digital TV’s communication between offices and employees. The success criterion is to insure that Communication App.’s for Cell Phones & Digital TV’s stay competitive in the technology business world. Create a better relationship with loyal customers and create new ones. The high-level requirements from Gregg Standoff, CEO of Communication App.’s for Cell Phones & Digital TV’s include, approval of funding and training as well the approval to use 350 employees from the IT staff, and setting limitations. The stakeholder for this project is Gregg Standoff, CEO of Communication App.’s for Cell Phones & Digital TV’s. Gregg Standoff can positively impact the project by allowing proper time and funding to the project. He can also affect it negatively by lowering funding, decreasing the time allotted, or throwing the entire project away.

Phase 2 Individual Project Paper
The Gantt Chart is defined as “A bar chart of schedule information where activities are listed on the vertical axis, dates are shown on the horizontal axis, and activity durations are shown as horizontal bars placed according to start and finish dates.” (PMBOK) Advantages of using the Gantt Charts is it forces the...

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IT project manager
Sample Software Product Architect Job Description
Software developer
Lead Installer
What skills are required to be a good software tester?
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