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Darvin De’Angelo McQueen
Execution & Control
With Risk
August 16, 2011

Week 2 DQ
As a project manager of a bicycle manufacturing company, we have five operations which are: cutting, forming, machining, welding, and the assembly. As we start manufacturings we notice some defects in our products. As a result we are going to find a way to fix the problems.

There are five quality metrics and they are (Sanghera, 2010): * Cost performance
* Schedule performance
* Defect frequency
* Failure rate
* Text coverage
After mentioning the five quality metrics, which one are we going to use to identify the problem we are now facing?

One thing we want to take note of is the fact that the defects during the manufacturing are high and they are unacceptable which means the metrics that would be the best one to solve this problem would be the defect frequency.

I would use a metric that would allow me to manufacture 20 bicycles per week with a failure rate of 30%. This is because the assembly line is done by machine and there will be defects.

A defect is something that happens when a product does not meet the required specification. These defects could be discovered when conducting a quality audit or at the inspection stage performed during the quality control process (Heldman, 2009). These are ways to discover frequency in the amount of defects a product may have. We will also train a number of persons to do quality audits at different stages. These trained auditors will be the persons called upon to perform the quality assurance. This process will identify any ineffective and inefficient activities in our manufacturing process so as to ensure that our company maintains a high level of production quality.

My suggestion to correct the problem would be to use batch production. Our company would outsource the pedals to a different bike manufacturer. One person in our company would be responsible for the tube. This person will cut...
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