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Spring 11 IE 5541: Project Management Homework #6
You can work on this assignment individually, or in a group of 2 or 3. If you work as a team, please turn in one copy of the assignment.

The product management aspect of this case is showing its age: published in 2006, and set in 2002 - 3. Some of you will question their technology choices. Do your best to focus on the PM aspects, assuming that their technology choices were appropriate for a conservative company at that time.

A major managerial challenge is analyzing project plans rendered in MS Project (or other software) and determining their chance of success. Rather than looking at the basic issues of a project, many managers simply verify that the finish date on Line 1 of the project plan is acceptable. In this assignment, you will build a plan, and then analyze it for its chances of success. You will turn in several reports and a short write up (both are described below).

Create Project Schedule
Read A&D High Tech (A): Managing Projects for Success from your course pack (be careful, there is also a case titled A&D High Tech (B)) 1. Review Exhibit 6 and note that estimates are given in Work (not Duration) and that the Work is stated in Days (not Hours). Let’s set our MS Project parameters (Tools>Options>Schedule) o o o Set Default Task Type = Fixed Work Set Work is entered in Days Set Show that Tasks have Estimated Duration = OFF (no checkmark)

2. Create your indented WBS (Exhibit 5) (there is an .xls file on Moodle that has done the typing for you. You’ll just have to cut, paste, and indent). 3. Input your estimates (Exhibit 6). Remember, they are Work estimates 4. Create Network (Exhibit 9) o o o Start project on 5/26/031 Note that Exhibit 9 creates links from summary tasks. While I don’t encourage this practice, we’ll adapt to A&D High Tech’s practice (as good consultants always do) Check your work (Work = 1061.1 days).

5. Input your Work...
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