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2001ICT Project Management
--- Workbook Final Audit

Course Code: 2001ICT
Course Name: Project Management
Campus: Nathan
Enrolment: Internal
NAM Group (19): Pei Zhang (2753247)
Junjie Wang (2757194)
Di Luo (2565806)
Tutor: Dr Leigh Ellen Potter
Convenor: Dr Leigh Ellen Potter
Due Date: Sunday Week 11
Word count: Approximate


1 Project Charter4
1.1 Project Charter4
1.2 Roles and Responsibilities6
1.3 Client Liaison Plan7
2 Project Scope Statement8
2.1 Product Scope Description8
2.2 Product User Acceptance Criteria8
2.3 Product Deliverables9
2.4 Scope Management Plan9
3 Work Breakdown Structure10
3.1 WBS Tree10
3.2 WBS Table10
4 Schedule12
4.1 Gantt chart12
4.2 Critical path12
5 Risk Management Plan14
5.1 Risk Management Strategy14
5.2 Risk Monitoring Strategy15
5.3 Risk Identification15
6 Change Management Plan16
6.1 Change management approach16
6.2 Change request procedure16
6.2 Change tracking and control17
6.3 Audits and review17
6.4 Configuration Management17
6.4.1 Configuration items17
6.4.2 Configuration Management Approach17
7.0 Project Review17
7.1 Success criteria18
7.2 Project Achievements18
7.3 Schedule reporting18
7.4 Review of Techniques19
Evaluation is a systematic and objective measurement of the success of key projects way. Evaluation is valid, to achieve its objectives, the impact of the project results to evaluate the effectiveness of key projects, and achieve its goals. For the project outputs, evaluation might focus on whether the output is useful to meet user needs, performing well. Our group used five techniques in this project report. There are including WBS tree and table, schedule, critical path and wiki. Our group members   know how to use these tools, and can proficient use these. These techniques can make picture display clearing and understanding7.5 Lessons Learned19 Reference19


1 Project Charter
1.1 Project Charter
Project Title:  Green Computing Research Project
Project Manager:  Name: Di Luo
MOB: 0404 979 868
Project Description:  The Green Computing Research Project is part of the Environmental Technologies Program which aims to use computer resource in an efficient way to improve economic viability, social responsibility, and environmental impacts. This project is mainly based on researching possible applications for resolute problems for the major program to assist the achievement of a bigger goal for the organization. It produces a research report as final outcome. Project Objectives: The Green Computing Research Project is to search for the possible application for the Environmental Technologies Program which is aiming to improve the environment as increase the revenue and reduce costs. Objectives:

Recommended applications
Examination reports
Data analysis reports
Completed finial report
Useful for environmental program
Help company resolve problems
Increasing profit ability
Increasing energy efficiency
Main Project Success Criteria:  the goal of the green computing research project is to accomplish the research within six months and under the budget of $500,000. It is finding possible applications which are useful for assisting environmental technologies program to achieve its goal as well as the results are eligible to incorporate with other sub-projects. If the project takes a little bit longer to complete or costs a little more than planned the firm will sill considered as a success; as long as it the period and cost does not have negative impact towards the environmental technologies program and other projects.

Five person group to work on a budget of $500,000 and finish within six months Define possible applications
Testing and examine the application and document all data and results....
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