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Compare and Contrast Scenario Planning and Project Management

Scenario Planning and Project Management have different perspectives and procedures. General planning method, project management, has been widely used for decision making. However, this tool is pointed out that this has limitations to predict changes in the external environment, especially, in dramatically changing and more complex environment. This means that people and institutions may overlook their opportunities and threats. Scenario planning is a method designed to deal with their uncertain future. In the book, the Art of the Long View, Peter Schwartz explains scenario planning based on his own experience in Royal Dutch/Shell. What is project management and scenario planning? What is difference between scenario planning and project manager?

1. Project Management – The Art of the Short View
Project is related with activity to produce a unique product, service or certain goal. Project management is suitable for accomplish a singular goal in short-term or one-time project which has a limited beginning and end in time, and therefore need defined organize resources, both human resources and financial capital, for specific task. This has the following series of procedure; manager or team members define their goals and identify activities and resources; establish sequences and estimate time for activities; set a completion date with work schedule; compare with objectives and decide extra resource requirement. However, this procedure has been common in organization’s work units but has obvious limits for strategic planning for the entire institution and ongoing activity or long-term plan.

2. Scenario Planning - The Art of “What If”
Scenario planning is story about the possible futures. Note that Scenario does not the same as prediction. This is more likely story that tells how current trends and developments could logically unfold, and make the future. This tool is appropriate for on-going...
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