Project Management

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International Project Management
Group: MO2
Instructor: Philippe Reed
Student name: Paul IDARE

My own Project Management

“If you don’t attack the risks, the risks will attack you”

Global project management overview

Concept: Project management is a carefully planned and organized effort to accomplish a successful project. Project management has emerged as a crucial factor that determines the success of an organization. Whether it is a question of facing an economic crisis or generating large turnover, it plays a pivotal role in the growth of a firm. Since time immemorial, man has incorporated the idea of project management in the construction of monuments and various other architectures. However, since the early 1950s, it started to be pursued as a major discipline in the corporate companies.

Project processes are essentially the organizing tool of project management. Understanding the project process means understanding who is responsible for performing a certain process and during what phase of the project process activity should be performed.

* Initiative process 
* Planning process 
* Executing the process
* Controlling the process
* Wrap up process

Motivation: The probability of getting hit by an unwanted or unexpected event has increased manifold in today's competitive business environment. The project management team can identify the potential risks, take their time to rectify them and help the company save valuable resources. In the case of a worst crisis, this team can opt for change management method to attain the desired goals. Team work is a must, when it comes to visualizing the dangers ahead. Risk management principles can be applied by the project managers to eliminate risks to a larger extent.

Thoughts and concepts
WWWWH: Who is going to do What, When, Where and How? This concept is effective and should be adapted when presenting new ideas or working methods. If you can answer WWWWH question, you have basically covered all of the pertinent aspects of your new working desires. The scope: It is basically the size and the content of the project at hand. It could be total project scope or the scope of just one step within the project. For example if marketing project (one step within the total project) consists of: bench marking, product analysis, volume, price points, technical description. This would be the scope of the marketing project (or step) which is actually a limited scope. The P.P.P. Process, Partnership, Perform: It develops harmonious team building and leadership programs. The Process aspect can be developed through the step by step approach and within the project platform. The Partnership develops the relationship between the project key players and the line management functions. The Performance is the result achieved from the overall project management process such as the Platform development, team building and motivation approach. The Check Point Process: The check point process basically comes after each of the 3 progressive phases. The general objective is to check: 1- Are we on schedule/2- Do we have the right people (team) in place/ 3- Have we completed Steps 1,2,3 (Phase 1)/4- Have we made the necessary decisions/5- Do we have the required resources/6- Can we move forward/7- Do we agreement/7- Do we have the go ahead The Project Cycle: The project cycle within the F.M.C.G.’s sector is very fast. This means the ongoing product development along with the complete logistics of the business if fast. Two cycles a year. Team building & Leadership approach: Team building and leadership within project management develops the essential motivations and project support required. It has to lead to support & understanding, comfort zone, same motivations, multi cultural environment. * The 3 progressive phases: Phase 1: Audit / Analysis: This is our learning and adaptation phase which consist of developing our mission statement,...
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