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360 Degree Approach of IT Infrastructure Projects
Psychological and Project Management

Human Aspects of the Project Management in IBM


1) Psychology and Project Management

Psychology means an academic & applied discipline that involves the scientific study and mental functions and behavior.

Project management usually has a framework and methodologies which are being followed for successful project management.

Human aspect plays an important role in the way projects are being managed. Projects are managed by individuals who are unique in themselves and hence each individual manages his or her project in his or her unique way.

So, psychology of an individual in projects plays vital role as, the how he or she takes a decision? Is it on the facts or figures which he or she may be received or properly analyzing it through various aspects of project likewise, Economical, Ecological, Marketing, Financial, Environmental etc.

What background he or she may be pursuing?
What previous experience he or she may have?
If the same project given to two different individuals will be managed in two different ways, this is because the psychological aspects of an individual such as perception and emotions vary hugely and play a pivotal role in many processes like problem solving and decision making which affects the way the projects are handled in the real world.

The aim is to study the relationship between the psychological aspects of the individuals and how it affects the projects are being handled by different individuals.

“Projects are Unique, so are Project Managers”.
The PMBOK defines a project as “A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result”.

As projects itself is unique there is a common framework and methodology which helps the project manager manage the projects. When an organization meet with a large troubled project invariably pulls in successful project manager to assist the existing project manager to bail out the project or at least to bring back the project back on its track. How this troubled projects does are solved even though both of them are sharing the same common framework and same tools and techniques? One of the answers could be the difference on the amount of “experience”. But only the experience will not make an individual a successful project manager. While we say “successful project managers” it is to indicate that these people have a higher rate of success in managing their projects. It does not mean that they do not have failures, but their projects have higher chance of attaining success.

IBM (International Business Machines) is a global technology and innovation company that stands for progress. With operations in over 170 countries, IBMers around the world invent and integrate hardware, software and services to help forward-thinking enterprises, institutions and people everywhere succeed in building a smarter planet.

IBM has been present in India since 1992. The diversity and breadth of the entire IBM portfolio of research, consulting, solutions, services, systems and software, uniquely distinguishes IBM India from other companies in the industry. IBM India's solutions and services span all major industries including financial services, healthcare, government, automotive, telecommunications and education, among others. As a trusted partner with wide-ranging service capabilities, IBM helps clients transform and succeed in challenging circumstances. 2] Why Some Individuals are better at project management?

To understand this we have to study individuals factors like their physiological aspects, biological factors etc. Psychology is a science which deals with human behavior and mental processes.

One of the main focus areas of psychology is the study of mental processes which include:

Cognition: it...
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