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Managing Mega Projects
- The Experiences Of KLIA
By Tan Sri Dato’ Prof. Ir. Jamilus Hussein and Prof. Dr. Shafie Karimin

Editor’s note: This article was published in The Ingenieur Sept-Nov 2006 issue and is reproduced courtesy of the Board of Engineers, Malaysia.


o one, especially in the
a viation fraternit y, would
have thought and believed that
a small group of Malaysian professionals
w ould have been able to deliver
successfully The KL International Airport
( KLIA) project to the Government of
Malaysia seven years from the word
Touted as one of the most architecturally
b eautiful and sophisticated airport
i n the world, the profoundness of
t his achievement would be more
o ve r w h e l mi n g i f th e fo ll ow i n g
considerations are taken into account;

A green field 25 million passenger
p e r annum 1 s t P has e air p o r t
d eve lopment on a generally
peat soil, palm oil plantation and
secondary forest site,
S even -year co mp l etio n f ro m
initiation to site study and selection,
Masterplan and Architectural design
c oncept, engineering design,

procurement, physical construction,
testing and commissioning, and the
crucial airport operational readiness
and transfer exercise,
Two years into the project, a sudden
fundamental shift in the project’s
o rganisational and procurement
a pproach was made – from a
contractor-driven design and build
t urnkey to a client-driven total
project management approach,
205 different contract packages
r unning concurrently on a 7850
acres 1st Phase development site,
w ith 130 million metres of earth
m oved; two 1.1 km tunnel BHS
connecting tunnel; 200,000 square
metres of granite flooring; 18,500
k m fibre optic cables laid; 30,000
workers at peak from 50 different
countries; to name a few,
5 2 months total construc tion
including testing and commissioning
a nd operational readiness and
t ransfer from the old airport in




First ever airport to successfully
d evelop, design and implement
a f ull y inte gr ate d I T air p o r t
management system,
No major operational breakdown on
opening day except a minor glitch
on the baggage handling system
( BHS),
From a submitted estimate of RM20
b illion design and build turnkey
contract without time completion
guarantee, the project estimate was
reduced to RM11 billion on the same
s cope with full commitment on
time completion by KLIA Berhad – a
newly setup Malaysian run Minister
of Finance Inc company given the
task to implement the project in late

June 28, 1998, was the KLIA inaugurated
d ate declaring the airport officially
opened to commercial operation. It was
also a date where Malaysians realized
that through proper and effective usage
of project management knowledge and



skills large, scale and complex projects
can be completed in time and within
cost without sacrificing architectural
b eauty, functionality and quality. It
w as also a date that showcased to
t he world, Malaysian professionals’
strength and capability in the field of
project management and construction
Since then, this small group of Malaysian
p rofessionals, through its present
f lagship company KLIA Consultancy
Services Sdn Bhd (KLIA Consult), has
continued to utilize the great benefits of
project management in handling largescale Government projects. Amongst them are;

dam, water treatment plant, and
solid waste treatment plant,
railway and monorail,
highrise office building complex,
integrated transport terminal,
integrated transport information
university campus, and

From these experiences, several
i mportant aspects that need to be
g iven serious effort to ensure that
large-scale projects achieve the desired
performance and success are:

The need...
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